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Day one!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Hey how is everyone getting on today then?

Well im doing great! although have only had two shakes so far!

Had my first one at 12 and only got home to have my second one about 15 mins ago!

I weighed myself at my friends and was 14stone 1lb..

So thats 3stone and 1lb to lose!

Hopefully I can do it in two months or so again!!

Here is some pictures of how fat I have got again! The blue dress was on saturday and the black was new years eve!

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That 3 stone will be gone in no time at all chick. You were awesome last time round and you'll do just as well this time :)


Life is not a Rehersal!
No problems!! You can do it...at least you have faced the music :)

I am looking forward to losing alongside you Chelly!

You were always so positive before, so no reaon why not now!!!!!

Have a great week.


I will be skinny again!!!
Thank you Iris!!

I know we can do it again mrs! Your determination always shines through and its great to see!!

Such a help to everyone :)


Size 14 here i come!
I would give my right arm to look as good as you do now!


I will be skinny again!!!
Lol Stinky! Im sure you look alot better than I do!

Your avatar looks gorgeous!


Size 14 here i come!
Thanks chelly but that was 2 and 1/2 stones ago, last new yrs eve. Even then i couldn't get away with a dress like you had on this new yrs eve, great legs i'm so jealous, i hate my legs!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on getting your first day down. You will lose the weight in no time and will look as fab as before. You know the ropes well so it will be easy peasy this time round. Lots of luck for the coming week.
Well done Chelly and thanku for your advice. You look gorgeous hun in your pics...super legs!
Keep up the good work, i'll be on it again tomorrow! x


hello all that is day one out the way just about to have my hot choc now with a bit of peppermint tea to make a hot mint choc, then after day 2mow cant wait for my weigh in next monday xx

Well done Chelly, wont be long before its gone... and I agree with everyone else you look gorgeous!!!
best of luck anna! havent tried the shake with the peppermint tea think ill do that as a treat tomorrow!!,,,
chellywelly welcome back!! glad your ok so far... youl lose the weight in that time no bother,,,remember its all about realising you need to lose the weight and keeping it off... apparently the losing weight is the easiest part...


thanks bells1990 it is the 1st time ive tryed it as well lol,

And yes chellywelly you do look good in the pics and like bells1990 says it is keeping in mind why you want to lose the weight i mean mine is my wedding....... Good Luck eveyone :):)


mmmmmmmmmmmmm the choc and peppermint tea is not to bad

lol :p
i no im the same anna, i thought it would be harder, im not saying its easy but i can defo say its easier than going to the gym 6 days a week to swim etc,,and being constantly worn out lol!....

yes im losing mine for my trip to thailand and south africa... first summer ever in a bikini...IT SHALL BE DONE!!!


awwww that will be nice bell, ive been doing sw and that is ok but needed a bit of a kick start and my m8 told me about this and i have to get in to my lovely wedding dress, best of luck to you and yeh you will do it if u keep at it, i have been asked out 2times now for this weekend why couldnt they do it for weekend just gone lol :)

haha tell me about it, and murphys law youll get more invites now than normal... there should be a sticky on excuses for people who dont know your on lt!!... hmm thats something to think about!!...
you will get into your wedding dress no problem!!..any problems just come on here,, its my lifeline ha !
hi chelly
good luck i found my 1st day yesterday soooo hard nearly flagged a few times !!!! just waiting for day 3 or 4 feel like my insides are on fire lol xx do you still see adam ??

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