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Day one

Yes,I don't have my first one till 11.30 and then one at 4 and one at 8 so I'm not hungry at bedtime.Headaches can happen take a tablet and drink lots of water!
The first week is hard work,but the results are so worth it!I lost 10lbs in the first week.


Addicted to Minimins!
Hey Sue, I found that i didn't get headaches from lack of food but from the concentrated vitamins - so yeah i got the headache on the first day - keep glugging the water and get an early night and after the first couple of days it should pass. I'm on day three - had a bit of a headache thismorning but took a pill and some MORE water and its gone now.
I haven't had a shake yet (which reminds me i really should) But i tend to leave it as late as possible as the evenings are when i struggle so if i have my first one later i can have the other two in the evening.
I felt really bloated too the first day but your body soon gets used to it - I'm finding that although i'm drinking more than i did on day one i'm not running to the toilet half as much now.
Hope your head feels better soon hun. xx
Thanks alot.I think the headache could be down to lack of caffine so i'm having another black coffee.I'm a bit tea drinker but cant drink it black.Coffee black isn't that bad.
As for the shakes i normally don't eat breakfast or lunch but i have a big tea(thats my problem BIG TEA)so eating now is a bit strange.