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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Sparkle, 3 October 2006 Social URL.

  1. Sparkle

    Sparkle Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Well it's day one for me today! I have to admit, I woke up feeling really negative and played with the idea of just not bothering - I was really dreading my first shake. Then I came onto the site and looked at the thread regarding which shakes are nice hot... And I made myself a cappuccino (with half a pack) - Thank you very much whoever suggested that (I forget your name, sorry).

    I am now on my second cappuccino (with the other half of the pack). Feel very positive, although I think my brain is trying to play tricks on me and give me a headache when I haven't even been on the plan long enough to get crab withdrawals or anything like that! lol

    Chugging down my water, have nearly finished my first litre!
    Feel really good about this - am glad have got this site to refer to, it's really motivating!
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    KATHRYN Full Member

    day one (again) for me too Sparkle, fancy buddying up to motivate each other?
  4. Mrs Bean

    Mrs Bean Full Member

    Hi Sparkle.

    This will be the best thing you have ever done.

    The first few days are really hard. If you can get through that then you are there.

    I have done restart countless times and at the moment I am on day 3 and VERY focused!!!

    Keep up glugging that water and keep up the good work!!!

  5. Laurie

    Laurie MM addict

    Slim and Save
    Hey sparkle, its my first day on the diet too. I couldnt sleep last night, just wanted to get started.
    So far i've drunk a litter of water and fill soooo full up.
    I havent had a shake/soup yet, but i normally dont eat till midday. Do you know if you can have them at any time? I hope you can.
    I hope you do well, i too feel really good about this. I love the forum and the idea i can post on here at any time.
    What was the cappucino one like?
  6. Sparkle

    Sparkle Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    That would be excellent! Thank you.

    It's my mums first day as well (she's on here as Kitty).
  7. Sparkle

    Sparkle Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Cappuccino was gorgeous! Just like those 'instant packets' you get from Nestle! Delicious. I'm pretty sure that as long as you have three a day it should be fine!

    There's quite a few of us starting today isn't there? Just think, by Christmas we could be 3 stone lighter!!!!
  8. Sparkle

    Sparkle Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Thank you Mrs Bean.

    My CDC said that the third day is the hardest, but you're so close that it's worth it if you can stick through it!
    Good luck!!
  9. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    You can have them at any time of day so dont worry :)

    At first its easier to space them out a evenly or even split packs (4 teaspoons per half pack) Just so you have soemthing to look forward to!!

    Icemoose, (mike) used to save his up and have a 3 course meal at night!!!!!!!!

    You do what is best for you, and when you are established then there are some yummy recipies to try too!!!

    Good Luck x

    KATHRYN Full Member

    3 stone by Christmas! Yes please!
    (in fact, maybe even more?)

    there are 12 weeks to Christmas...if I could lose 12lb this week then 4lb per week after that, I could lose 57lb by Christmas which could see me weighing 13'5 instead of 17'5.

    I know it sounds a bit optimistic on day 1 but that would be amazing for me!
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