Hi everyone,
Have now started the CD. So far so good. Have had 2 shakes so far and 3 litres of water.
Feel a bit hungry at the moment so thought I would come on this site for a bit of help.
Having people all feeling and doing the same lets you know you are not alone.
Looking forward to my evening shake and then I think it might be a long bath and early night.
Kitty xx
Hi Kitty.good luck...I'm on day 3...I have to so, although it seems like people are just banging on about it, the water really does get rid the hunger....I have tried little glasses all through the day today and more when I felt hungry, but I really think with me it was more in my head than anything!! Best of luck!!
Hi Kitty, :)
Good luck and keep with it. Keep yourelf busy as i found this to work for me. Before i was on this diet i just sat around and thought of food and eat it afterwards. Clean out a cupboard or even go to the gym for a relaxing swim. Drink, drink plenty of water as this does help.

Hi Kitty,how u doing.Well done on starting CD u r on your way to changing your life big time and it all starts today.
I see from your tracker u want to lose 4 stone well by christmas tinme u will be 3/4 of the way to your goal weight imagine how chuffed u r going to be when u see your body shrinking and the pounds melting away.

The first few days are the hardest by by day 4 you should be in ketosis and then thing do get easier.
Water is soo important on a vlcd diet and it really does help with the hunger pangs and withdrawal headaches.

We have a couple of weight loss challenges going on at the moment if u woud like to join in.Here are the links

Remember there is always some one around to chat 2 or if u need some advice or support.
Looking forward to hearing how u r doing,take care x
Hi Kitty!!
I am on Day6, and am finding it a bit easier day by day,

WEll done on your first day. I'm on day two at the moment and look forward to the hunger pangs stopping the most.

Good luck though
How you doing babe still ok?
you are doing so well.
a bath and early night sounds a good idea to me
have a nice pamper.
Keep up the good work
Hi All,
Thanks for all your words of encouragement.
I have got through the first day and have managed to drink 4litres of water.
Going off to bed soon as have got to be at work at 7am tomorrow so that will be another test but hopefully I will be okay.
It is so helpfull having this board to come to for that extra bit of help.
Let you all know how I get on on day 2.
Kitty xxx