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Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by fahysgirl, 11 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. fahysgirl

    fahysgirl Member

    I all I'm on day one of SS need to loose 2 stone by May as going on holiday is this possible? X
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  3. b3cka

    b3cka New Member

    I'm starting sole source tomorrow. Let me know how you're getting on x
  4. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    you lose a stone a month on average but it also depends on your starting point too. i lost 17 lbs the first month but tyere's no way im going to lose a stone the second month even though im 100% on plan.
  5. Loopyloopylou

    Loopyloopylou New Member

    Woo someone else who's on their first week, I'm starting CD today have 3st to lose :)!
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  6. LetItGo

    LetItGo Member

    I am on day 3! Getting easier, skin looks amazing and I feel good. However is anyone else knackered in mornings???
  7. fahysgirl

    fahysgirl Member

    Hi how's everyone doing? I'm feeling very fuzzy headed today don't know why was ok this morning x
  8. fahysgirl

    fahysgirl Member

    how you doing letitgo?? im ok dreading weekend going to pub for paddys day gonna try and limit myself to 2 vodkas n diet coke and not the 6 doubles that i can normally drink lol.
    yes feel tired in mornings but just keep saying come on you can do this and i ignore the fact that im hungry so far so good, first weigh on monday so we will see then x
    good luck for the weekend :)
  9. LetItGo

    LetItGo Member

    Hi fahsgirl! Yes i know i will have to dig deep for motivation this week. Especially because i just weighed myself (day 3) and am horrified to discover i have lost 1.5 lbs???????
  10. lisa7982

    lisa7982 Full Member

    Hi guys

    I have just re joined cwp ss to lose my final stone , I'm finding it harder this time around

    Can't remember if I'm struggling what is it I can nibble on if anything is cucumber allowed as that is mainly water x

    Hope u are all doing well in first week I couldn't manage 100% yesterday as a girl I. Work opened a pack of quavers and I had a few :eek: x

    My weigh in is on Friday when is urs. X
  11. Lealea2009

    Lealea2009 New Member

    mines Tuesday this week then Monday xx
  12. Linzi1281

    Linzi1281 Member

    Hi! Today is my first day on CWP SS. Never done Cambridge before but very determined to succeed. :) Good luck ladies.
  13. Annie34

    Annie34 Member


    Hi All

    I am just starting SS+ tomorrow, just got back from my consultant and am excited/scared!
    Would be good to get some support to get to goal!

    How is it going for you all?
  14. fahysgirl

    fahysgirl Member

    Hi all, well had my first WI yesterday lost 5.5lbs and 7.5 inches all over well chuffed with considering I went to pub Saturday and a few lol. How's all your weeks going? X
  15. Linzi1281

    Linzi1281 Member

    Well done!
  16. Linzi1281

    Linzi1281 Member

    Hi Annie! Good luck on your journey :)

    Today is my second day on SS and I am surprisingly ok and not really hungry. I did feel peckish early evening yesterday but was so proud of myself not putting an ounce of my lo homemade cottage pie anywhere near my mouth! I tried some extra cinnamon on my porridge this morning but I really don't think I'll be choosing that product next week (can't stand the after taste - even with the extra cinnamon!). I think next week I'll probably just go all shakes and try out different flavours etc.

    We can do this!!!
  17. Annie34

    Annie34 Member

    Hi all
    Thanks for the encouragement and well done on the losses!!
    Day one went well. Had the oriental chilli soup, for dinner which was really good!
    Onwards to day 2!!

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