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Day One..


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Right just got up :)
I managed not to snack AT ALL during the night! [worse time for me, when feeding baby]. The first thought i had when i woke to get a bottle was hmm what shall i eat! but i managed it :rolleyes: i even managed not too touch dps sweets on comp desk!

Im really worrying though :sigh: can i really do this? I need all the help/support i can get. Im so scared of cheating its untrue.

Anyways lol lol think im in ketosis [sp] already LMAO my breath stinks this morning lol

im going to struggly right loads drinking so much water, but i shall try! :cool:
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thanks! sat here with water lol


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Good luck kimmi i think you'll be ace on CD.xx
Best of luck Kimmie, try drinking the water through a straw you get through it faster, and it really helps keep the hunger at bay.

Also I tend to drink the water warm, half from the kettle, half from the cold tap, I find it much easier to drink than cold water :)

YOU CAN DO THIS, any time you think of giving in to temptation, think of how you fought to get started on this journey, and the prize at the end :)


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Hi, Im on day three and today feel is going to be a struggle. Im on 3 sachets a day and a bar also as my counsellor thought I would find it hard otherwise.

Trying to get water down is the best thing to help you. I feel bit shaky today and lightheaded, hopefully today may be the worse day.


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hey all. just going to get my meals! lol been docs to get form signed, bmi 44 not 49. [i think]
feel sick today and mouth tastes mingin =[

wish me luck! xxxx


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hey there!

had a vinalla [sp] shake and a spicey tomato soup so far, not hungry! i was before i had soups [i had the both same time cause i missed breckfast and it was 1pm when i had them].Cant stop peeing! and feel soooooooo tired lol


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Hey there Kimmie.. You say you need all the advice and support you can.. Well we're here for you every step of the way.. And when you need a hand.. we're here..

I know you can do this.. And you're doing amazingly so far.. remember.. after three days it gets that bit easier..

*hugs hugs hugs*

x x x
you're doing great!!


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Hi Kimmie, i started today too. Ive had a soup and a shake so far, having my last shake at about 7pm once kids in bed. Todays flown by which makes it easier, but im hungry lol


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carry on your doing great
im the biggest eater ever, so i thought i'd give up halfway through day 1, but im on day 4 tomorrow and it really isn't that hard.
its a lot easier than i though
i think yesterday (day 2) was the hardest, but now im feeling better already :D


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thanks! tbh its quite easy today, im hungry now though! and cant stop weeing & number twos! lol [tmi]

can i make crisps for tonight out the soups? i may try, is it greese proof paper u need? x


Busy busy busy!!
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I think it is - or baking parchment ... I was useless at making them ... has your sister made them?? I lost a pack trying!


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just tried them! lost a packet to it =[
ohwell, the first few was nice lol

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