Day out - meal plan help


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gemmm said:
I'm going out tuesday to Manchester and I'll pretty much be out most of the day. Any suggestions what I could take as a packed lunch and snacks which are free or low syn?

Ooh, if I were you I'd roast loads of veg and mix it with some couscous made with stock, or some brown rice. That'd be free! Make sure you have loads of veg, and the carbs should be enough to see you through! I'd also take some satsumas, but that's because I love them! But some crudités to snack on would be a good idea. Carrots, cucumber, celery, peppers, all sliced up and put in some Tupperware or even a sandwich bag so you can just dip in if you're hungry.


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I love pasta salad - pasta, tuna, tomato/cucumber/beetroot etc with some total 0% to 'moisten'/bind it (sometimes I mix that with a small amount of low fat mayo for taste). Have a big tub. Yum yum.

Gail x


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Hey gemm.
I live in Manchester and there are loads of places in town to get a jacket potato with beans. There's a stand on the main high street called "what a potato", in the Arndale food court theres a potato place but my favourite is in the food bit of the Arndale Market. There's a lady who does jacket pots with beans and she does you these nice big side salads so perfect for Extra Easy! You can also buy loads of dead cheap fruit in the Arndale Market, I once got a punnet of strawbs for a pound!

If you're going for a lunch in the northern quarter, I've been to Oklahoma cafe a couple of times. It's a bit hippyish and the staff are rude but it does the most amazing options for slimming world- baked sweet potatoes and the best toppings- feta, beetroot, mint and apple is to die for!

Hope that helps xxxx


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Haha just noticed you were asking about snacks to take with you! Oops!

When I'm out I take cereal bars, cans of no added sugar pop, fruit. A good packed lunch is cous cous with things like beetroot, cucumber, red pepper and pickled cabbage chopped up in it xxxx


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If out for the day I take a tupperware with a pasta or cous cous salad in it - more than I think I need just in case the unexpected happens. Plus an apple and grapes. Maybe a couple of Alpen lights for a Hex.

Depends what plan you're on as well, but sushi is a good bet if you are out and need to grab something.


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Ooh yeah there's two great Japanese restaurants I know in manc let me know where you're gonna be if you want one and I'll hook you up


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I had a day out the other day and took some spicy chicken drumsticks and beetroot and apple salad.T'was yummy!

Bee x


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tuna pasta salad
cherry tomatoes
fruit salad
boiled egg
slices of cold lean meats
chicken drumsticks
loaded potato skins
sw quiche
savoury rice
low syns crisps like french fries, quavers or walkers lights
babybel lights
laughing cow cheese & ryvita minis
low syn cereal bars or ones which are a heb choice


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"crab" sticks ( aka seafood sticks ), with some salad / sliced veg like celery, carrots, cucumber etc..