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Green Day Day recipes


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bumping up to see it on the front page on the forum and to view the colour:)


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Excellent Pierce:bliss:


is gonna shine in 2009
ty x


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Very easy to navigate for now Pierce and I'm sure you'll do your magic again as things change :)
Very cool. But a little redundant in the new year as soon as Nice and Easy comes in and red days and green days are a thing of the past?
Well for now I think the changes are fantastic! Pierce has responded to requests and comments from SW members and totally revamped the forum based on those requests.

Im quite sure nothings carved in stone and can be tweaked when needed.

Can we maybe just appreciate the work hes done this afternoon????
Of course I absolutely appreciate any effort to make this site better and easier for people to use. I didn't realise I'd suggested I hadn't?

Gosh, things seem a little tetchy around here lately!
excellent work, its gonna be far easier for people to find there fav dishes now, specially if folk keep there recipes to the green and red threads. Many thanks.
This is great, will be much easier to find things now.

Think extra easy will be in addition to red/green, don't know if it will be everyones thing, will probably be able to mix & match the days, so think it will be just another option.

Thanks for this.

Lisa x

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