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day three, feel like death.


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please remind me this diet gets easier. I have a 8 and a half hour shift tommoza at costa coffee, and need to feel better to do it.
Please help, with your words of wisdom.
Day 3 can be really tough :hug99:. It DOES get easier, so hang in there as I bet you feel better tommmorow than you do right now.

Just make sure you have everything you need when you go to work and keep glugging that water xxxx

Stay strong.....:D:D:D


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Hey hun,
It will get better, I'm on day 5 now. You should be in ketosis by tomorrow as most people are and the hunger will cease. Write yourself a list as to why you're doing the diet and look at it, when it gets hard x
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Hi I am also on day 3 and feel pretty rough really hope the hunger goes soon! Good luck for tomorrow and hopefully you should be in ketosis by tomorrow and feel better, fingers crossed! X


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Lol @ the bum kick. Hang in there it will get better, I agree with writing the list of why you are doing CD.

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Well done on getting through day 3. Tomorrow at work, imagine all the food there with worms crawling all over it or spiders or somethig you think is vile :)

Good luck and hope you feel better soon. It's sooooooooooooooo worth it xxx hugs


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Oh bless HANG IN THERE!... I think day 3 & 4 are the toughest! BUT after that its such a short space till your 1st WI when you will get the 1st big loss & incentive to spur you onto the next week! By the end of week 2 the worlds your oyster! You can get through the weeks and weekends!

Have a lay in over the weekend! Stock up on magazines.... Get some puzzlebooks (or colouring books and pencils are a FAB time to while away a couple of hours!) Get yourself some nailvarnish and luxury candles & bubbles.... Spend your 1st weekend busy on yourself! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

And dont forget to come on Mini's - the arcade is a lifesaver! xxxxxxx


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Day three is the worst day, by a clear mile..... I've had alot of restarts & found it so much easier to do the diet after day 3!! xx


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Just wanted to say hang in there!! I must say day 3 was my worst, but once your through it your well on your way..
Drink lots of water take some neurofen..... and you will feel so much better.
Its so worth it...... when you start seeing that weight dropping off!
Hang in there you can do it!x

Julie Williams

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Aw bless you I wanted to wish you luck and reiterate what everyone else says it does get easier after day 3 xxx
Day four

Sadly i had to call in sick at work because i was full of migraine and my bones were all achey. But now i feel piles better. I havent cheated and i got on the scales and noticed that i have lost 5 pounds in 4 day, Good Times!!

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Well done that's brilliant so far. Rubbish you've not been well tho. Keep going you're doing fab xxx


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I hope day 3 went well for you. do let us know how you got on. I'm preparing myself for the worst as I'm on day 3 tomorrow *yikes!*


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it does get easier hun....just keep plodding until your first weigh in...and then with the scales rewarding your determination, it will have you 100% and smiling for the rest of the following week!!! :)

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