Day Three

Good morning all.....

From the above you will see I am on day three today, and from what ive been told day 3 4 and 5 are the worst. So im going to try and use minimins as a distraction from this....(well try!)

I am hoping to lose at least three stone....three and a half ideally. Not only lose it, but keep it off. I have had enough of my weight dictating my life, and me missing out on so much due to a few stone too many (as ridiculous as that sounds its completely the case!)

Is anyone else doing the same as me? Starting so that they are into the swing of it by the 1st of January? Would love to hear from anyone else starting and wanting to lose the same.

Wannabe xxx
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S: 22st3lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 10st10lb(48.23%)
Hi, I wish you all the luck on your cd journey. It's a great diet and I just wanted to say stick with it as it's well worth it and the results are fantastic. Day 3 and 4 are the worse but will soon be over and your first weigh in will be here before you know it and you will definately be motivated by your loss. Good luck xx.


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Hi hun, well done on getting on with it! I think there're quite a few of us who wanted to get started before New Year, actually. IMHO, there's nothing more depressing than starting a diet on 2 January, LOL...

I want to lose at least 4 and a half stones in the coming months so I'm definitely going to be around for a while to cheer you on. I haven't started a 100% diary of my own yet - cos I haven't managed a 100% day yet, LOL and I didn't want to put anyone off. :)
I'm hoping that I'll be back in the swing of it by the end of the week though, so maybe I'll come and join you over here then!

Days 3 to 5 can be a bit tricky, but not always. Just remember to drink enough water - and come on here whenever you're having a weak moment, there are so many success stories to spur you on!

Good luck hun - not that I think you're going to need it! :D
Evening all, just a quick hello really and update. Am at the end of day four, and feel surprisingly good. Am waiting for a massive low tomorrow! I am by no means full to the brim, its just a pleasure knowing i am finally doing something about it. Ive started looking at dresses thinking "before summer I WILL wear something similar".

The only time ive even thought about it was when my friend was talking about the food she wanted for dinner! But then i remembered, i MUST DO THIS.

I am adding some exercise in tomorrow, i have scheduled in 3 one hour sessions a week to start. I am excited about the changes!

How are you going lily? AND ZOE OMG. You have done brilliantly, well done- get you skinny min!x


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hey skinnyminnie, im just rounding up my day 3!! it almost got me cuz there is still sweets around from christmas, but i made it!! woohoo, Good Luck keep going and keep in touch!!:) amber*

Ive not got on them yet. Now, dont think me a patient saint who can wait her full week to know, its merely because I took them to my parents when have a real low day and never got them back haha.

I am going to be so disappointed if ive not lost much, as the first week is meant to be your biggest loss isnt it?

Hows is your going? xxx


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Thank you no i didnt exercise while on CD but afterwards once i reached my goal i did to tone up my bum and belly really.!

You are doing great i have my CD in the kitchen waiting to re start i keep putting it off lol lol.!

Once i get to day 3 im fine it's just getting there lol.
Yeah i can imagine, its the same with most things though its the actual start thats the worst part. Once you are in a routine with it, you should be fine. (heres to hoping or the next 4 months or so is going to be a rough ride hah)


Lovin it !!! :)
I would take it easy with the exersise tbh - remember this is a VLCD and your body will be using it's supplies to keep you going through normal activities - I did LL in 2003 & lost 7.5 stone - never did an ounce of exersise - apart from normal walking etc
Im not going to go overboard. I think ill start three times a week an adjust it more or less depending how i feel. 7.5 stone. Amazing. I really really cant anticipate losing even 3 stone. I called my mum yesterday after have a particularily critical look at myself in the mirror and was saying to her "whats the point" its never coming off....i just cant imagine ever being anything but trapped in this body that i hate. x


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"Right that is enff of this negative talk now CD will get you to your goal very soon, You will see this in your first wi being over weight is not the end of the world is it???
Plus 2010 is around the corner look forward to having a slim you very soon."
How much do you weigh? when is your wi day?
I weigh just over 12 stone which does not sound that much but, my mum is 8 stone, both my sisters are between 7 and 8 stone. And. unlike some, i do not carry it well. I am constantly told that were i to lose weight i would look "pretty" and "like your sisters"
Ah well! Maybe i will eh!xx


loving life
S: 22st3lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 10st10lb(48.23%)
That's and awful thing to hear from other people and I am sure it isn't true. I have a sister who is 6ft tall slim and pretty so I know where you are coming from hun. Since losing the weight that's all I have have heard - wow don't you look like your sister now-I lost weight I didn't have a face transplant lol. You are gorgeous for being you hun so don't listen to it, overweight or pencil thin we are what we are and I am sure- fabulous xx
Ah thank you zoe...not at all. Im an ugly mess but i am hoping this will all change over the coming six months!

I dont want to be as slim as them, they are so so slim! Just smaller than now!x