Day Two!


Otherwise known as Jools

Good for you -I am sure that it will :D

Getting Slimmer

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Hi Dal

I'm on day one after taking a break for Christmas and so far so good. Make sure you drink loads of water. Good luck with your journey.


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well done, one day closer to where you want to be !!


It really does work! :)
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Good luck DAL, first few days are the hardest....

Stick it out and results are more than worth it.



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me 2, good luck dal, ;)


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Brill! It is so much better if you dont find it so difficult the first few days! Hang in there, and keep going.

Countdown to D Day !!


I will be skinny again!!!
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me 10!


Well done for surviving! Hope your evening is still going well!


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I am so proud of how you have just got on with it and not moaned once. I know you are in a cafe right now sipping earl grey while you watch others have a full fried breakfast. You are doing so well and it will really pay off come weigh in. Love you x x x


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the earl grey was nice lol. they had fried egg, toast abd beans. looked fab but was not tempted, just looking forward to the weigh in on monday and just want to get to my target of getting rid of 28lb then go on to a healthy eating plan.


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Well done and especially for staying motivated when others are tucking into a yummy breakfast. Im sure you will get to goal good luck


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yes definitely well done hon! I've just finished day 2 aswell. Looking forward to ketosis. Good luck everyone! Hope the pounds just melt away for you all. :)