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Hi ....

Tonight I start my Lighter Life challenge, and before I go I thought it may be an idea to weigh myself 20stone! How on earth did that happen??

I seem to have been kidding myself all this time that I am the same weight than I was when I was 18 and no I’m 5 stone heavier, I knew I had grown I knew my dress sizes had got bigger and bigger but I just kept lying to myself.

So 8pm tonight I am due at my first Lighter Life session, am I scared... TOTALY, I’m a little worried what people are going to think of me and what the leader will be like, and if I can even keep this up?

So I am going to copy so many others and seek the support i need from everyone else who is going through the same hoping that someone feels the same..

I hope this is the start of a very happy future.
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Hi hon, good for you but nothing at all to be scared of. You've identified a problem and summoned he strength to take positive steps to rectify it.

This diet is fab and the weight really does come off fast! Good luck and keep us posted, xx


Tough But Sexy X
Hey daydreaming, hello and welcome! All I have to say is this will be the best diet you have ever done the results speak volumes. The counselling sessions are a complete must they open your eyes to so much! Lots of lightbulb moments.

This place is amazing so many strong inspirations that always have a word of advice or two.

You won't need to daydream about what you want it's going to be your reality. xx

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goodluck with ur first day x
Welcome Tiff
Don't worry, we've all felt like that. You are in the right place among like minded people.
Your LLC and the other people in your group won't judge you, they'll support you.
I weighed more than you when I started LL.It has changed my life completely.
You will lose an average of a dress size a month. The weight drops off so quickly and you'll feel amazing.
Enjoy the experience. Be sure to get a "before" photo taken.


No pain, no gain
Welcome daydream. All I can say is best diet ever. Hope day 1 hasn't been too hard. Once u hit ketosis u should feel fine. Remember drink plenty of water and stay strong. Xoxo:-Dxoxo
Thanks to all off you for your support.

Day one is nearly over and I must say I HATE the chillis Yukkk!! The others are going to be changed to shakes.

I seem to feel fine, maybe to soon for any side effects, I have a terrible headache but I think that's work more than the diet. I've managed to drink my water, the only thing I'n missing is coffee! I'm sure I'll get used to black soon enough!

Hope your all well

DD x


Tough But Sexy X
I usually split a vanilla shake and put that in my coffee as I cant drink it black either. xx


Tough But Sexy X
Hi, never shake hot coffee it will explode (not sure if you know that, sorry if you do I dont mean to preach just wouldnt want you to have an accident)

I either put the coffee, hot water and some of the vanilla pack in a jug and hand blend or if I dont have that as an option I put a little water in the shaker and add some of the pack once shaken add it to the coffee. Hope that makes sense lol xx
Hi and welcome!,
everyone on here is lovely, and i would definately recommend the vanilla/coffee idea.
it really is yummy x x