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  1. mushington87

    mushington87 Member

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    Hi everyone!

    Hope your all ok?

    My name is Tasha, but most people call me Mush.

    Im 26 from gloucestershire and a care manager.

    This has got to be my 3/4 time with cambridge. Im restarting for the final time and ill explain why.
    My start weight this time is 17.6, but my heaviest was 19.7.

    I started cambridge many moons ago with my mum and was successful, got down to 15.4 which was fantastic for me. Ive always been big. At school i was a larger girl probably weighing about 15 stone so i don't know what it is to be a healthy weight.
    Due to doing the diet with my mum (we could so easily talk each other into being naughty), having no or little support from my ex and feeling like i was wasting my money i gave up. This happened on numerous occasions.

    Im now with a partner who supports me and appreciates me for who i am, I've moved away from the family home and making a successful career for myself i feel I'm in a much more positive place to do this diet.
    You really need to have the motivation to stick with this diet as I've learnt over the number of years I've done it, and i finally feel i have that motivation.

    I have a few things spurring me on, and some goals along the way.

    Firstly i want to show everyone who doubted me i can achieve my goals and be that person.
    I want to be healthy.
    I want my partner to be proud and confident to go out with me. Im not saying he isn't now, but its just how i feel.
    Id like to have children in the next few years.
    My brother is getting married next year and I'm a bridesmaid!
    I have a strapping nephew, beautiful niece and another nephew on the way, i don't want to be the fat aunty any more.
    I wanna wear the clothes i so desperately desire. Im quite alternative but feel i cant pull the look off currently.
    I want to feel like me!!!

    I have three main goals!
    1. Get back to 15.4.
    2. I have a pair of jeans size 16 and a top size 14.
    3. To get to 10.7 which is my ideal weight.

    Today is day one!
    Ive had a ready made chocolate (my favourite), a lemon yoghurt bar (was ok but not great) and the rice pudding (not a massive fan if I'm honest). I also had some grilled chicken to get me back into the swing of the diet. I don't really want to do ss+ all the time but was advised for first week it might be a good idea. Ive also drank a 2litre bottle of water and 2 small 500ml bottles!!

    I feel great at the moment. Not hungry, no head ache nothing. That doesn't mean it wont bite me in the bum tomorrow :)

    Im going to document my journey, hopefully i can achieve my goal with the support on here and in my personal life. I have a fantastic cwpc and i love her to bits! She will keep me going :)

    First weigh in is Thursday evening :)

    Ill try to write something everyday to keep me focused!!!

    Much love and support to all those who have read this. I know we can do it :) xxxxx
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  3. mushington87

    mushington87 Member

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    Ok, day two.

    A lot harder than originally anticipated.

    Went round to my parents where all my family were having a meal. Usual sunday chaos!

    They had a very yummy dinner which i was ver jealous of! But i stuck to my shakes and bar. Had some chicken too to help me out.

    Quick question, does anyone have a bobble water bottle? Is it 1litre? Ive had 5 bottles due to having a headache (what fun).

    Partner has just informed me that we are going to visit his family on wednesday which is great, but this includes a meal. Deary me. He has told her I'm on cambridge but I'm not sure if that will make it any easier! Would be the night before weigh in ! I really need to be 100% then!!

    Fingers crossed tomorrow will be easier. First day on cambridge at work. Wish me luck!!
  4. sarah1111

    sarah1111 Full Member

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    Hello, Sunday is always my hardest day, I find if I'm really struggling I nibble on plain chicken which I know I shouldn't but it could be a lot worse

    I too have done this diet a few times in the past, but can't mess about this time, lol

    Good luck for for the rest of the day x
  5. mushington87

    mushington87 Member

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    Well Yesterday was a disaster!!! So stressed out with work I did cave in! Which I'm so very annoyed about.
    Least I didn't go too mad. Instead of plain chicken I had some breaded chicken!!

    Really must resist the breaded chicken from
    Now on. I'm keeping up with my water, and I don't suffer with headaches or anything currently :) BONUS!! :)

    Well today was hard too but not as hard.
    Still not quite finished my water for today but I will do by bed time.
    Had some normal chicken :) not feeling hungry at all.

    Looking forward to weigh in on Thursday. It's probably not going to be high due to my little mishap yesterday but it's bound to be something :)

    Here's to positive attitude :)
  6. mushington87

    mushington87 Member

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    Well yesterday I went to see my cwpc instead of today as I was in the area anyway!!

    5lbs in 5 days! I'm happy with that. I know it's not huge but a loss is a loss and I am actually having chicken every night.

    Still haven't cheated and I'm having all my products and water! Will keep going!!!!
  7. mushington87

    mushington87 Member

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    Today has been so hard. Been on my own which has actually got me really upset. I realise since I've moved here I don't have any friends to visit or talk to to keep me occupied and fill my time.

    I don't have the money to do a hobby, just basically sat on my own for 10 hours until my partner comes home.

    I have cooked him dinner and didn't eat any of that, and also a pudding which I have not given into either. Just feeling really low.

    During this time I would normally be eating something to keep me occupied. Feeling incredibly sad.

    Oh well tomorrow is another day
  8. sarahlo

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    hi mush, I can sympathise with your situation I started the diet 2 weeks ago and have been working every night with the exception of the first 2 days on the diet. I know I am really going to struggle when I finally have some free time as I always eat when i'm bored, being alone while my other half is at work is going to be torture!!! My plan of action is to come here for support and focus on the reasons I started the journey. I expect the house will be clean enough to perform surgery in with my efforts to stay occupied ha.
  9. mushington87

    mushington87 Member

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    Well things have got bad.

    I had an accident in my car, got a parking ticket and had issues at work all within a few days which have led me to stop Cambridge due to financial reason until next pay day.

    I'm so disappointment but until I get my car back and I've paid for it to be fixed I can't do much.

    Will be back on if ASAP. 1-2 weeks maximum!

    :( nothing going right at the moment
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