Dead or Alive..who would you invite to dinner


Gone fishing
.....and why

My list would go like this
Mother Theresa: I would just listen to her talk about her life

Dalai Lama. I am the Dalai Lama’s biggest fan. He is the amazing guy that ever lived IMO

My father. Of all the people I miss, he’s the one I miss the most. His sense of humour, kindness and love of life.

Beethoven. My No 1 composer.

Nostradamus. Oh come on…you made it up didn’t you. Admit it, admit it.:D

Princess Diana. I’ve met her before, but this time I’d like to get around to asking her some questions!

John Lennon. Hero of my youth :)

Jesus. I would like to ask him if he really was the son of God, and if so, why didn’t he just come clean and tell us

Peter (Disciple of Jesus). I’d like his view of Jesus, and would also ask why he betrayed him.

Plato. I remember reading The Republique when I was younger. Fascinating piece of literature. I’d like to hear more from this guy.

Merlin: To clean up after the meal.

I can think of many more. Guess I'd need a bigger house;)
So...who would you like to invite?

Johnny Depp....just cos hes gorgeous

Robbie do the singing

Gordon do the cooking

Both my grannys & grandads & my cousin & the baby I miscarried...cos I never got to meet a grandada and my baby, and miss the others

My parents....cos my dads hilarious

My best mates....cos I love them

Britney....cos I want to know the truth about her and Kevin

John Lennon....need I say more

And a clearer upper!!

oooh good thread,,,,,

lets see.....

Marilyn Monroe - so darn sexy!!!

Audrey Hepburn - Love her!

Liz Taylor - see if she spills the beans on wacko jacko....

Jane Mansfield - can you tell i'm a fan of old films???? all my gran's fault i'm only 33 but it was a standard sat afternoon when i was little....

James Dean - the original rebel without a cause...

ok modern era...

Owen Wilson - cos he's gorgeous...

Ray Liotta - those eyes!!!!

Tom Hanks - seems like one of the genuine celebrities and not up himself - would have to hide the plonk though as i think he's back in rehab....

Julia Roberts - just to scowl at her all evening!!! Why can't i look like pretty woman?

and i'd hired caterers so no cooking or cleaning needed!!!!!
Bob Marley - entertainment
ella fitzgerald - more entertainment
eddie izzard - makes me laugh
steven fry - as above
alan davies - as above
gary lineker - sporting hero
ian wright - as above
probably hundreds more but that will do for now lol ! xxx
Hi all

Can't think of a sophisticated and intelligent list now but I would like to invite Jonathan Ross along to break the ice ask them all the questions I'd like to ask but wouldn't have the nerve.

I couldn't stand him when he was first on the box many years ago but find him hilarious these days and love his TV and Radio show.

If I think of my more impressive list I will post again some time.

Dizzy x