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Dealing with emotions rather than eating them away!


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Hey Gals,

the past 2 weeks has been the biggest challenge for me. I was so stressed out due to many various things that occured e.g. move house,finished jobs etc u name it.
8 weeks in the programm and for the first time I had the urge to just drive to mc donalds etc. I constantly wanted to eat.

All I could thiink about was fooooood, and I was amazed to discover how i dealt with my emotions before this diet. So I said to my self, it would change a thing to how i feel and if it would probably just make me feel worse as I would feel like a loser for giving in.

So i thought, feck it, and deal with it! And i did!

I have to say that I am really proud of myself. I used to have nooooooo willpower what soever and this Journey is making me grow stronger everyday!

Ok now enough of my novel,just had to tell yiz!

Smell ya's

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Wow, that's brilliant. You are definitely on your way to the slimmer you and more importantly staying the slimmer you. The mental bit is soo important to handle before we come off out food holiday.
Well done. Congrats.


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Hi Tridi

I understand what you mean 100% - I was the same. I have a terrible affliction called "compulsive eating" and no matter what the occasion or emotion, food was my saviour and I didnt care of the consequences USUALLY!! But deep down inside I did!! but felt I didnt have any control.

HAHAHA...until LT came along! I too have had to really dig deep into the reasons why I comfort ate, and I still dont really know the answer, but I know now that I am able to cope without the aid of food.

It is a really good lesson to learn, but need to keep learning and taking control rather than food controlling us.

Good luck and it is a nice feeling - eh!

You have done well so far.


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and so you should be proud of yourself. this diet, along with losing weight, is all about changing your thought patterns towards food! good on ya xxx


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that's brilliant Tridi!

I'd been through a horribly stressful time just before i heard about LT (which added at least half a stone i'm sure!) - but have come through a few tests so far on LT too.

what always annoyed me was that when i was miserable i ate and when i was having a lovely time i also ate!! so either way, i couldn't win! not one of these miseries who forgets to eat...

long may it last when we're at goal and off LT!


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Hi Tridi,
congratulations on your breakthrough, it's great when the power balance is readdressed, well done. It's that whole idea of not feeling better once you eat and as Elle- Emm said

"what always annoyed me was that when i was miserable i ate and when i was having a lovely time i also ate!! so either way, i couldn't win! not one of these miseries who forgets to eat..."

I am a firm believer now that my eating sugar days have to be over even when I finish this diet. I believe I am also an emotional eater and if I give in to eating when I am emotional then the spiral begins again. I will have to treat sugar as I have nicotine and nothing less than total abstinance will do.

Here's to all of us kicking the sugar habit. Well done again.


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I too have decided to complete sugar ban when i come off this diet. Chocolate used to be my addiction, used to go through bars and bars of the stuff a day!! I am just going to steer clear of it when I eat again, aswell as cakes, buscuits, puddings etc. I have lasted so long without, there is no point in igniting my taste buds again. I have found I havent even craved it. Really craved savoury stuff, esp a curry!!!! lol.


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Well done you! That's one of the biggest plusses on this diet IMHO xx


Here we go again!
Well done Tridi, this diet is great for making you think about you problems with food. A huge benefit in my opinion.

You should be very proud of yourself for getting over that hurdle. Keep up the good work.

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