Running and Healthy Eating - 60 Days in Photo's


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Hey guys, hopefully this might inspire some people to make some positive changes in their life the same way I have.

I was a very fat kid, parents always fed me junk food and sweets on a daily basis. When i shot up to 6ft, the appearance of it was reduced and I did look slimmer, but I was still very flabby and its only until now ive given it my all to get rid of it.

Let me first say that I have tried weight loss pills in the past, slimfast, specific diets. All of which, DID give results, but none made that sort of impact that sticks to the mind that running and my new diet has done for me.

Ok so this is what Ive done, no marketed diet, no pills, just clean eating and giving it 110%

First of all, I decided to change my diet. I had constant head aches, felt tired all the time, found it hard to control my emotions and stress levels. After coming out of a long term relationship I really let myself go. I stopped caring about myself and developed some very bad eating habbits over a year.

These are basically the main changes I made..

-No fizzy Drinks
-Increase Water intake
-Drink Skimmed milk instead of semi
-No Sweets
-No Junk Food

My diet now is practically fruits (rarely veg, hate it to be honest), low fat foods, and lots of protein.

I use an android app, which im sure is free on iOs too, called 'MyFitnessPal'. I created a defecit from the reccomended 2500 cals a day for a man down to 1800. It was hard at first, but as the crap and junk food cleared from my system, it was easier than I thought. The app lets you scan and search for everything you eat. And believe me, i tracked EVERYTHING i put into my body. I always tried to maintain 50% carbs, 30% fat and 20% protein, as are the daily reccomendations for anyone, all whilst keeping under 1800 calories.

After about a week, my stress levels went down and my mind and body began to clear, and by body I mean, my stomach didnt feel so heavy, my skin began to clear up, my hands felt less oily.

I realized after really looking at what I was eating, that I had to cut out all the junk food, but could still eat things I loved. I started eating stir frys, currys, tuna and chicken pasta etc alot more. Provided i didnt use any fatty sauces (blue dragon stir fry sauces are VERY low fat considering how good they taste, even tesco value curry and sweet and sour), then i found it really easy to maintain my 50% carbs, 30% fat and 20% protein. Some days it would even be about 50carbs, 20 fat and 30 protein, as i became more aware of what I was eating, my fat intake went down and I was eating alot more protein.

I eventually began to feel alot more free and like I wanted to move more, So i thought I would give running a go.

I didnt have money for all the amazing gear, i literally went into a high street retailer with £40 and got a cheap pair of running trainers, some jogging bottoms and a couple of tops, all the cheapest there.

The first time I went running, i got to the end of my road, which wasnt very far at all, and thought I was going to die.

Up until this point I had smoked about 10-20 fags a day for the last 7 years and ate like a pig. My heart was thumping, i could feel it in my throat, pushing sick up higher and higher and my head felt like it was on fire and about to explode. Was pretty funny now I look back on it, but scary as anything at the time.

I began to pace myself, i'd walk for about 5 mins then, run for about 15 seconds. It was shameful, but it was progress.

A few days went by, and I felt like I had more energy from all the clean eating than I did a few days ago, i'd still been going out each day, but taking it as easy as the first. I told myself I was going to run at least a minute straight. And sure enough, I did. I actually threw up that day, but I didnt feel discouraged by it. As bizarre as it sounded, I only saw it as bad stuff leaving my body. I would never reccomend letting it get to that point, but if you do, just remember your not just throwing up, but pushing past a limitation :D

After about a week of running/walking, I ran my first mile. And i felt amazing. I'd cycled miles before, I'd walked miles, but NEVER did i think i would be fit enough to run a whole mile straight!

After about another week, my breathing became alot more stable, i felt like I had cleaned out my system. I wanted to see how far I could push myself, I wanted to reach my limitations, so i went for 3 miles. It absolutley killed me, but I did it!.

I started reading more into running, and found that uphill running burns alot more calories and works your core alot more, so I set myself another crazy challenge. Theres a hill near me, that my parents sometimes struggle to drive up. Its about a mile up and is an absolute nightmare to walk up. But yes, I managed to run it, and when I felt the top, I felt unstoppable, like I was on top of the world. I started smiling like an idiot and laughing to myself, people gave me funny looks, but i honestly just could not care anymore, this was for me, not for them. The fact I had gone from not being able to run to the end of my road, to running a mile straight up the toughest hill I know was overwhelming.

I wont go into any more detail on what I achieved, but you can see what Im getting at here? It doesnt matter how hopeless you feel or how bad you are at it, if your desperate enough for the results, you'll keep fighting for that body and fitness you desire. I set myself challenges each and every day, and I overcame them. That hill, I now run to, climb, descend, and run home from each day, which is 3 miles. So with my 1800 calorie limit, and burning 400 cals from running, my intake is 1400 cals a day. When i get the body i want, ill start eating more cals and focus more on toning, but until then, im not struggling, im loving it =)

My longest run now is 10 miles, I could barely walk the next day, and it was crazy to go for after only a month of running from where I was to begin with, but the more I ran, the more i achieved, the more I just wanted to get better and better and better! And running, its not so much burning off the fat, but toning my entire body too! Which in turn, burns more and more calories by having higher muscle mass. Even though im not a particularly large person and i have a tall slim build, i feel so strong and alot more masculine, my confidence grows each and every day =)

2 months in, and my life now, to what it was 2 months ago, i honestly feel like a new man. I have a way to go yet before i get to where I want, but I have lost so much fat and toned up alot, i feel more comfortable in my own clothes. No more adjusting my waist or stretching my top down over my belly, no more folding my arms to cover my gut. And funny thing is, Im now eating things like bars of dark chocolate to treat myself, and the weights still coming off, just because im still tracking it efficiently so as to not go over my fat intake.

If youve read this far then thank you! it Means alot. and i really hope it inspires some of you to reaching your goals! Heres my before and afters, peace!~

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That was a great story. Well done. I'm trying to get into running a bit more. It's nice hearing success stories!


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Hey, very inspiring story, thank you for sharing! I've recently really got back into exercise and it's incredible what a big difference it makes to the weight loss itself but also to toning up and how you feel about yourself. I've still got a long way to go but am always very motivated reading accounts like yours. Another couple of stone down and I want to do the couch to 5k challenge, definitely want to get into running.


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Hey, very inspiring story, thank you for sharing! I've recently really got back into exercise and it's incredible what a big difference it makes to the weight loss itself but also to toning up and how you feel about yourself. I've still got a long way to go but am always very motivated reading accounts like yours. Another couple of stone down and I want to do the couch to 5k challenge, definitely want to get into running.

Hey, thank you for the positive feedback! Always nice to know it helps to inspire people. I agree, eating right is mostly what will lead to success but doing something like running has so many beneficial factors, toning, heart and lung health, stress relief. It just generally leaves you feeling like a better person and for me personally, its made me feel more human because I dont feel like my bodies putting me at a disadvantage anymore when it comes to every day life.

The Nike+ app has loads of training courses for free all built into the app that get non runners into the lifestyle so its definately worth checking out =)

Ill update this thread again at the end of November with more pics as me and a friend who has also recently started running are aiming for 100 miles by the end of the month. Should start to see a real difference happening soon in my fat/muscle ratio!


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Yeah, that is an amazing story of pushing through the malaise, well done!! However, although your before and after pics are great, I have to say that I think you are perhaps a bit thin now, especially in the 45 days in pic. I would definitely not lose any more weight - you're there, overshot it if anything.

Also, watch your tuna intake. No more that 2 small tins per week, as most tuna from a can contains moderately high levels of mercury.

Yeah, exercise can give you a real high, it's all the endorphins kicking in :)

All the best