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Going Back To 'Discover'


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Hi peeps,

I think I am going to go back on the Discover plan - I just don't think this Pro Points is for me - Don't get me wrong, I have lost whilst I have done it, and it's flexible, but I just don't feel like it is going to work in the long run...

With me being a veggie I do eat quite a lot of carbs - rice, pasta etc, and, I tend to stay away from dairy anyways because it gives me eczema, so I tend to use my daily allowance on carbs with them being quite high in points n then eat lots of fruit & veg and feel I am probably eating a lot more than I was before, and weight loss was taking a while on the discover plan, but I felt my intake was more regulated with having to count fruit...

I just feel I am stuck at the same weight constantly... any other veggies out there struggling?

So, I think from tomorrow it will be back on to the Discover Plan, so I am going to have a hunt for my stuff tonight when I get home and get used to pointing the old way again - I didn't think I would ever forget how, and now it feels so long ago since I was pointing like that! :D I feel more nervous going back on Discover than I was starting PPs! lol

xox Sam
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I've Been thinking the same dont think pp is for me ESP when I go to the gym and I don't lose when I was losing 4-5 lb a week on old points system

Veggie Dieter

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Im sure you will get into the swing of things with old points before you know it - I got back on old points 5 weeks ago after years of using it and honesly it comes flooding back - how about trying different dishes, if your anything like me I tend to have similar things each week so maybe a good change around might do your system some good, also try changing your exercise aswell - keep me updated on how your doing fellow veggie!


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Well, the old system has definitely come flooding back, and I have realised how much I missed it! It definitely suits me more! Not snacking on fruit has left me a bit hungrier, but, I will quickly get used it it - I have enjoyed the fact carbs aint as high in points, but haven't had tons of them...
Yeh, I do eat a lot of the same foods all the time, I think it's just convenience, but, I am gonna try and mix it up a bit... When I am at work I don't get much time to prepare as I am then out on an evening too as the kids train for swimming almost every night, so I tend to live off stir fry and spag bol, which I love - but, during the school holidays I am off work, so I think I am gonna try and do some batch cooking and freeze things so that I have different meals already prepared...
I think I might even make my own 'veggie meals' book with all my face recipes in already pointed :)


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Im half way through my "experiment" of doing Propoints AND Discover together (writing down old points and tracking ProPoints on my phone).

Today, I have decided to have Jacket Beans and Cheese for dinner. At the moment i have 27 weeklies to get me through to Saturday. On the ProPoints, I can have ONE Jacket, half a tin of beans and ONE Cheese Slice which will have to come out of my weekly allowance (I know, its only 1pp).

On Discover, i can have 2 jacket potatoes, a tin of beans and 2 cheese slices, and i still have 2pts to play with.

I am really tempted to go back to Discover, as i think it suits me better as well.