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Debating whether to switch


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to Lipotrim ...

I'm currently on Slimming World, but did a VLCD (Lighter Life) last year, I had to finish it because we moved house/cost etc.

I've been reading about Lipotrim and people seem to think it's very good, and obviously less cash that LL (which is a good thing), the only issue is my hubby gets really annoyed with me for keep starting diets and not sticking to them, but not eating (other than shaky things) really seems to work for me. I did 5 weeks with no cheating last year and loved it.

I haven't put back on the weight either as I've kinda maintained with a bit of SW, a bit of calorie counting but really want this last 3 stone to go, and QUICK.

Any advice?
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I will be skinny again!!!
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I would say yes go for it

I am the same, that I need all or nothing! I could never really stick to WW or anything because Id be eating, would mess up a portion size or something and say oh ill just start again tomorrow!

Good luck xxx


Here we go again!
I agree with Chelly, just go for it. If you want to do it and are in the right frame of mind, it's the perfect time for you to start. Good luck, you will shift that weight in no time!


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Hi B

Prove your hubby wrong!!!! You know, my husband, who is so supportive admitted to me (after a few weeks) that he didnt think I would stick at it, as I have done this diet lark a thousand and one times! He admits he was wrong and every single day he calls me skinny and praises me..in fact, never a few hours goes by that he doesnt mention it! He know is it working and I am the happiest I have ever been.

I can understand your reluctance because of this, but like the other say, all or nothing! Me too!!! I tried all the others, but just felt I was losing (after around 1 yr) an then I got so fed up as I would never ever reach the goal.

LT is so different and you will get to your 3 stone goal in no time at all..say, for talkning sake 3 months, if not less! It is so achieveable and the fact that you have maintained what you lost before shows that you are dedicated.

Go for it sweetie! And prove him wrong and let him see the new happy new.

keep us posted.


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If you really think how long it will take you to lose 3 stone at SW and how much you pay per meeting, plus what you spend on food, i believe LT is absolutely worth it. If you did LL before & managed it then you should have no problem with LT, i say go for it if it's what you want to do, after all it's your body so therefore your decision x


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Go for it, with the right mind set you will do it and lose the 3 stone in no time at all. Good luck with your decision.
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Give it a go its a great diet


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Hi Bn,
best of luck if you decide to start LT, it is a great diet and this forum is also very supportive so that really helps. Come on here for tips etc. or when you need to rant, we all have and it's a safe place to do so. Ask the husband to support you for a month at the start, without negativity and then show him just how capable you are to continue. Wishing you all the best.


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Go for it!! you'll get rid of that excess 3stone in no time :):)


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I've switched, I spoke to my husband about it and he said fine, so started my food packs on Friday and feel that I've come out of the ketosis thingy and feel great this morning (apart from being 15 mins late for work).

So thanks for advice :)


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Good for you, i think i was around your weight when i started at the end of march and i am now nearly at 12 stone, which i havn't been for years i've had a few slip ups but we are all human best of luck to you look forward to hearing about your progress, we are a friendly bunch here!!!:grouphugg:

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