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Deborah's diary attempt

Hi, I'm Deborah and have just completed day three on LLT. The first day was easy as I was so keen to get started. Day two I had a headache but managed to keep busy. Today has been a long difficult day. I have been feeling very hungry and very tired. I had a sleep thisafternoon and that at least made the time go more quickly. The foodpacks are quite good, I like the shakes but am finding the water really boring, can I put any flavouring in it do you know? I have my first pop in tomorrow and hope I have reached ketosis, will let you know.
I haven't done a "blog" before and it feels a bit odd writing to people I don't know, but I think it will help at lot:D
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Hi Deborah-Ann,
Welcome, well done for starting, you will be in the swing of things before you know it.
I've completed 2 weeks and I'm loving the weightloss. The first week I took it day by day and followed the instructions and I read alot on this forum and the LL website. I was so excited about starting that the week flew by and then the first weigh-in really motivates you for the next week.
Ask your councilor about the water flavours, there are 3. I drink unflavoured water at work and then drink flavoured at home. For the hunger make sure to eat all your packs and try to spread them out cause they are good to fill you up, then drink lots inbetween packs, it really helps with the hunger. Once ketosis kicks in it gets alot easier.
This forum is so supportive. Its amazing all the support from the ladies who have reached goal, are near goal or are mid journey, and us newbies too! I learn so much by reading their entries and their diaries, they are amazingly open and caring and welcoming.


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Good luck in your journey xx
Had my day four pop in thismorning - can't believe it, lost 7 lbs! Now in ketosis so all that bad feeling yesterday was worth it!! Still a tad hungry today but feeling so elated I don't care:)
That is brilliant, well done.


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Hi and welcome I look forward to hearing about how well you do on LL. xx


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Welcome, come on in the water is fine. ( If you can get through it in enough quantities that is lol) Blogging is a funny thing. My first written on this forum as well. It really helps with this weight loss plan to post and get support. So all the newbies, lurkers and old hats out there POST! You know you feel better post rant, or post moan and we also love it when we share in your successes and joys as well. Hopefully the stuff that you are posting about will trigger stuff for other people, let them know they are not alone and also you will get some really good advice on here. ( cant say I am much for the good advice lol but if Slendablenda or Blond Logic chip in you know you are on pretty safe ground diet advice wise :) )

Enjoy the journey, onwards and downwards xx
I completely agree, blogging is a great way of clearing the head and it really helped me with my weight loss journey. I found that I had so many thoughts (positive and negative) racing around in my head that it really helped to blah them down on here :) Best of luck with your weight loss journey - Lighter Life is really wonderful, make the most of it xxx

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