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DebsxDiet Diary

Ok so Day two! Have had:
1 shake
1 SF Noughat Bar
1 SF pretzels

I have had quite a busy day so i havent been so hungry today luckily my annual leave ends on Monday and i m back to work then so should give me less time to think about what i can't eat!! Feel quite motivated just now i am sure this will power will disappear soon :( God i so much dont wanna be a fat lump when i turn 30 in 364 days time lol xx will post rest of day when i have finished
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welcome to the world of slimfast diaries :) we are a friendly lot around here and theres usually someone on in this section hehe. Slightly addicted to this forum but it stops me eating and going off plan.

dont put yourself down, why does your motivation have to disappear, if you think like that then you may well be persuading yourself your going to fail. I find thinking positive is the answer, not that i find it easy to think that way all the time though!! You can do it, make this time the last time, and promise yourself you will change your life for the better! x
Ok now i have had fish and chips for tea (just over 600 cals) i have drank 1 chicken oxo and had 1 rice cake :) and my last shake!

Im quite pleased with myself x


Losing the baby fat
My best advice is type type and type! Make lists and constantly update and change them - this is what keeps me focused and how I lost weight before. Just talk alot and talk yourself into keeping with it :)
Take pics too and pick a pair of pants youve got now to use as your 'look i am in one leg now! pair!
And if you start feeling like you want to give up then re asses your diet, change it a bit, make some new goals, or even maintain for a while! - work out what size clothes you'll be in if you lose a stone say )... just always keep something there to look forward to.
And lastly if you have a bad day and cheat then own up to it cos we will all do that and then you can get back on track, oh and dont aim for pefection, just aim for good enough. xxx


Losing the baby fat
Debs I would also maybe start at 1800 cals, you a probably on too low cals if youre following the 321 plan exactly. You have to eat to lose and you might find you lose more by upping your cals. Thats why I am sticking to semi skimmed milk for now, If I lower my cals I'll have no where to go with them when I get stuck.
Last time I started on 1800 then slowly moved down to about 1400 near the end - but I couldnt have done 1400 allt he way through or i would have been starving hungry all the time. xx
yeah thanks i have decided to up my cals a bit so toda i have had:
1 shake
2x cuppa soups (Was starving at work)
1x alpen bar
Scampi, chips (Just a few) and salad for tea.
just my last shake which i m gonna have as hot choc later tonight :) x
im defo not having chips tomorrow!! and i only had a few!! i might get the ww ones next time!! i cant wait until next thursday (Im making thursday my WI day) as Wed didnt go well but it was my birthday so thats allowed (what possessed me to starta diet on my birthday i will never ever now)
Had my first shake of the day and an alpen (70 cal) choc orange bar! I am really surprised how i am managing this. I am on night shift tonight though and i always find that really difficult as i end up feeling really sick and end up eating toast etc. I may need to go over my cals for the day but i will take low cal snacks for when i start to feel really ill.
I will probably eat later tonight so i m not starving :)
i work with people with autism! Where i am working tonight is my casual job not my full time job (Also working with people with autism) Luckily not on night shifts often!

so today i have had:
1 shake (as hot choc)
1 alpen bar
4 pints of water.
Quorn chicken stirfry with noodles.

* i am not going to have my 2nd shake today i m going to have a low cal ready meal during the night or i know i will blow my good work out of the window. I have saved two snacks also so will prob have an alpen bar and i bought celery and carrot which i will eat will low fat hummous. That should help me survive a 10.5 hr night alone awake doing not much lol. However i will have internet access!!

Think i might have one day a week off plan kinda where i have a shake for brekkie then a healthy low fat lunch and dinner on a day i m not working and i have time to cook as its usually the days i am working i struggle with. I thinkthis might help me long term if i have one day a week to look forward to having two meals a day that are healthy.
Sounds like a plan :)

I know some people go hardcore through the week and then have a 'looser' weekend. Whatever works best for you.

Also with the nightshift thing, i used to be a carer and often did nights. This was during my cambridge diet phase. Felt totally rotten and was pretty much slavering for some grub!

Re the WW chips - quite nice but keep your eye on them, go from pale to burnt in milliseconds!


Losing the baby fat
I like the potato wedges just done in the oven and you only need a few to feel cheatyish yet isnt! :D

I can recommend a good micro meal from lidls for 296 cals, its the haddock, potatos and veg in a fish sauce - 11 mins in microwave and I love it!! They also do a sweet and sour chicken for just over 300 cals (9 mins lol) - means instead of doing a 600 calories single meal you can have 2 meals for the calories.

keep going youre doing fab deb! xxxx
Thanks :) Night shift is going OK so far!! I have had celery and carrot sticks and two small pots of sainsbury's be good hummus they were 100 cals each.
I think long term it will help me to have a day off plan each week but still sticking within the calories (so not really off plan) but will give me something to look forward to.
I will give those ready meals a go i bout a few WW ones today at roughly 300 cals... I also bought a couple of WW pizzas just for a wee treat :)


Losing the baby fat
Carrot sticks and humous sounds good (I hate celery!) - doing well debs!!!

I'm not doing slimfast full time, i'm just doing it till i lose half a stone then maintaining the rest of the month - I envy people who can do months on plan and rarely go off but I'm not one of them - if a day off within means works for you then thats the plan you need! Youve got to have something to look forward to to keep you going.

Whoohoo just think about this time next yr how different we could look :D and the time will fly by!!!! xxxxxxx enjoy your night shift, i'm off to catch some zzzzzzs xx
I'm not sure i will loose my whole 9 stone with slim fast lol. But its good for me with work as i normally work 12 hour shifts so its alot easier just having to plan what in will take for 1 meal rather than 3 lol. I just got that 30 day shred dvd, i will give it a bash tomorrow. I know i can wait until next year when we are all slim and fabulous will call for a big massive party i m sure. xxx
Ride on next year, this time I will keep it of !
When I lost weight for my wedding I used SF and I lost a load of weight and working shifts, so I agree with you it is good to work around your job. I think we had the same kind of job I was a RSW with teenagers. Did you buy Shred in the shops? I ordered it last week and it is not here yet, really looking forward to it, good luck; I hear it is hard.
Well had my pizza at about 3.30am!! The box looks like quite a big pizza and u take it out the box and it looks like one of those smart price thingys from asdas except it cost nearly £3 :eek: And it seems as lisa told me earlier to have the same issues as the WW chips pale one min and burnt the next :( anyways tasted ok...

I hate 2 small pots of hummous and carrots and celery and i had an alpen bar at about 7.30am i was going to be sick other wise

Overall quite pleased with myself but very glad i dont normally work night shift or i would never ever get thin

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