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December Challenge - 8lbs lost!

Right everyone! Who's up for a December challenge? For some of us it might be a couple of pounds or a stay the same with all the winter festivities, but I am going to aim for quite a high target for this time of year, 7lbs!...

Anyone else up for a challenge?:)

Kirsty - 7lbs - 7lbs to go!
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Hi Ladies

I would like 5lbs off too which will make me the same as when I got married and my anniversary is on the 30th so that seems quite apt.

Ok im gona give myself a realistic challenge of 4lbs, roughly 2kg off for december. Im not losing at all at the moment so i need the motivation!

Will update this on how much i WI at the monet, tomorow after TOM is over! Had a big binge over wkend for eid so i have defo done damage!
I'm not losing either, Sona. It is so annoying! This can be a very testing time for Atkins dieters, the stall. I am defo stalled but I keep telling myself I'll start losing again soon...
Hi ladies

I lost 1 this week (gutted as last monday it was 2 but I have come on since then so we will see how next week goes. Good luck everyone

Well since I have already lost 4lb this month (!) I will try to lose another 3lb before Christmas.

I can but try!

Dont look at the Christmas goodies on the shelves, people. Or at least, don't touch!
I will be happy to lose 1lb the way im going!
lolz does it count if u gain 3lbs and lose them?
Hey all! I'm back, have changed my target to 4lbs this month. Didn't weigh in this week as I know I was terrible last week, so next week is a fresh start!

Well done everyone for the weight loss!

Sona let's stick together, I'm aiming for 4lbs and whatever I have put on this week I'm just going to put behind me and start again for the month

Kirsty - 4lbs - 4lbs to go!
lgylsen - 7lbs - 3lbs lost - 7lbs to go!
EmmaMum - 5lbs - 1lb lost - 4lbs to go!
sona1980 - 4lbs - 4lbs to go!
girlygirl1 - 7lbs - 4lbs lost - 3lbs to go!
That's the spirit, Kirsty! Don't let it get you down - just move on now. We all 'cheat' now and then, sometimes majorly. It's how we cope afterwards that makes for success or failure.

You'll be fine!
2lb off today was hoping for 3 but never mind. Only 2 more to go for dec challenge then I was thinking 2 on then back off if that makes sense haha

Kirsty - 4lbs - 4lbs to go!
lgylsen - 7lbs - 3lbs lost - 7lbs to go!
EmmaMum - 5lbs - 3lb lost - 2lbs to go!
sona1980 - 4lbs - 4lbs to go!
girlygirl1 - 7lbs - 4lbs lost - 3lbs to go!
Well done Em! x
thanks for update hun x
No problem. I am weighing in tomorrow, so will let u know how I do but am not going to count it if I put on, I am going to start afresh lol
With joy and humble gratitude I am able to post that so far, this month, I have lost 7 pounds.

Might even lose a couple more - we shall see. Gotta watch out for Christmas dinner at my cousin's in Glasgow. She's treating Dad and myself to The Works. I might take some of my own pre-prepared 'festive' stuff to be on the safe side.

Perhaps I could hint that an omelette with cheese, fresh tomato, onion and herbs would be a fab idea? Ha Ha.
Kirsty - 4lbs - 4lbs to go!
lgylsen - 7lbs - 3lbs lost - 7lbs to go!
EmmaMum - 5lbs - 1lb lost - 4lbs to go!
sona1980 - 4lbs - 4lbs to go!
girlygirl1 - 7lbs - 7lbs lost - joy! - can I lose another 1lb?

Sorry folks, I forgot to add this bit. I have no idea how to make the losses RED, though. Kirsty how did you manage it?

(still can't believe I made target this month. Was stalled for around 9 weeks).
Yay Ig! Yay everyone!

And to the ones returning after a wee, erm, break (lol),double yay! This is the best way to lose weight and keep it off, and to stay mostly sane in the process.

Keep on keepin' on!
STS last saturday weigh in so fingers crossed for 2 next week cos this week won't be haha

Lost another 2lb. So December losses finally total 9lb. Pinch, me someone! I must be dreaming...

A month ago I'd have laughed at the mere idea of being able to lose 9lb this month. I think this must still be the 'whooshie' effect, and of having been stalled for such a long time. Whatever it is, please let it continue!

My sons and friends are coming over tonight to see in the New Year. I've just come back from nine days in Glasgow with my Dad - we had a really nice family Christmas and I didn't worry about food. Not at all. I was careful, kept it low carb, and indulged only moderately in sugar free stuff. I enjoyed every mouthful.

Love to all - have a great time tonight and all through 2010 xx

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