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December Problems

So I've gone from Lipotrim to CD and find CD a whole lot better. But today I feel a bit down, feel like I'm going to be a real party pooper. 2 works do's my daughters 18th night out then her big party and a wedding then a family gathering xmas eve then to top it all off Christmas day! I have the will power to stay on CD all the way through but just for the sake of it being Xmas day I feel I should partake in a little Turkey but then I'm wondering if I get the taste for food I might think to myself well a little glass of wine wouldn't harm. But I don't think my will power is strong enough to cope and get back on CD after the big day. PLEASE HELP your opinions count should I stay on CD and sod it all or should I have my little bit of Turkey ?
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I think take it day by day and make a choice as each event comes up. Then make a plan for that event asking friends/family for help if need be (explaining that this is really important to you etc). Yes it will be strange but it doesn't have to be "bad" strange. Focus on the fact that what you choose to do is exactly that... a choice.. not a punishment. If, when xmas day comes around, you decide you want to have turkey then have it and enjoy it and then forget about it. Don't use it as an excuse to eat your way through a box of roses as you've "blown" it for the day.

I'm going to Sweden for 5 days in 2 weeks to visit my brother and family and I have explained i'll be bringing shakes with me and having soup for "dinner" and that it's important to me they just accept that and try not to "tempt" me. Once I explained they were grand about it.
Cheers Goreygirl for your thoughts. I know I can do this because I know my ultimate goal is to be healthy and happy and at the mo I don't feel either. Told myself this time last year that I wasn't going on another xmas party this weight and yet I've done nothing about it. Defo don't want to cheat , I'm so focused.
If you dont think you have the will power to have a little turkey and green veg and nothing else then I would stick 100 % I have a little meat and veg last year ( and a choc or two ) but I knew I could get back on track on boxing day which I did . This year I am hoping to be at or very near goal so am going to have a normal christmas meal , although I may have to do a few weeks back on CD in the new year I am prepared for this.

Gg is right , dont start worrrying about it now ( easy to say I know ) just decide as it happens but dont let yourself get out of control , you can choose what to eat and what not to :)
Hi Louty

Try to avoid using language like "cheating" etc because it sets up a negative connotation in your mind.. .that CD is something you "have" to do that you don't really "want" to do.....small bits of language do really make a huge difference to your mindset and motivation.
i think that you need to decided what you want to do. you can make the choice but remember to be happy with your choice and don't beat yourself up if you do have turkey etc. just think about how it felt when you first started cd, your feelings, emotions, how hungry you felt etc these are important as if you do eat you might experience these again. you might also feel more bloated than usual especially if you have some carbs.
Thanks to you all for your advice. Just gonna take one day at a time and see how I feel on the day. Don't have any urges for anything (well apart from a decent cup of tea). Cheers guys x

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