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Decking Jim - Progress report

Hi all, Have been keeping an eye on how you are all doing and you never cease to amaze me Pete, Guy, Sean and the other guys awesome performance and committment. Well done to the girls also Blonde Logic, Annap etc

Well since coming off Lighter Life 4 weeks ago I have booked to have a gastric band fitted which gets done on Tuesday 10 March. I enjoyed LL and had no problem staying off the wine which I thought would be hard but I did not ahve enough energy for exercise. I want to lose weight tone up and improve fitness especially cycling

Well when I started Ll I was 19st 2 lbs and when I came off I think 17st 10lbs well I joined WW for the purpose of official weekly weigh in and am pleased to report that my weight is now 17st dead so that 30lbs off since Jan. Whilst its not up with some of you superstars i'm well chuffed

My issue over the years has not been losing weight although it does get harder year by year but keeping it off so I hope the band will assist me in maintaining my weight loss

Exercise is going well and this week I have been on 3 road bike ride totalling 160 m

I am keeping a blog diary but I will ask admin if I can add it to my signature before detailing it as lost all my posts as posted a web address without realising was not allowed so dont want to do that again



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hi jim
nice to hear from you.
good luck with the surgery - hope it all goes well for you
daisy x

Thanks Daisy and Blonde Logic
Just got packed so off to bed soon and train tommorrow
Will keep you posted


al the best with your op jim. I'm like you, problem is keeping the weight off. Now I've lost all my weight on LL i feel it's now I should have a band fitted so I don't eat too much!
Good luck and keep us up to date with you progress xx


Making it all add up
Good to hear from you JIm, and congratulations on the weight loss to date. 30lb is a fantastic amount in a couple of short months.

Keep in touch after the OP, you know we're here to help in any way we can.
Hi Pete and Sean

Thanks for your comments
Not everyone approves of band some thinking it is easy option - well it isnt
You still have to put it in to lose the weight - Im a classic yo yo dieter so only wanting the band to help me maintain
Im gonna put the willpower and exercise and good choices to lose it in the first place
Managed 3 bike rides this week on pre op diet of slimfast and fruit and done 160 road miles

Going to Preston today for blood tests staying in hotel overnight and then op on Tue
Will keep you posted



Is back in the saddle!
Best of luck Jim. You've done well so far and your heart is obviously fully into getting fitter and slimmer. Everything is crossed for tomorrow for you.
Re the account question
I had an avatar on Ll but then someone asked a question and I put a website link in my reply - not allowed and got thrown off
I apologised and explained did not realise and so was allowed back on but with no posts and no picture viewing avatar etc
Now im a goiod boy and back up to 50 mew posts I am back to full privilidges




Making it all add up
Hey Jim, to echo BL - hope it all went well for you today
hope its gone ok - looking forward to hearing an update
daisy x
Hi Guys - Im back and banded

Was a bit shocked when I got weighed before surgery yesterday as down to 16st 6lbs - so thats 38lbs lost since xmas and puts me at a BMI of 33.1

Well the surgery went ahead and all was well apart from the pain of the trapped wind which went straight to my shoulder - didnt get a wink of sleep and been killing me today
Good news is im back home and pain has subsided for now- stomach surgery pain is fine its just that darn trapped wind inside me
Have been drinking peppermint tea and sipping gripe water so hopefully will get a little bit of sleep tonight

The aneathatist also told me that I suffered from sleep apnea as I stopped breathing whilst sleeping so hopefully getting this weight off once and for all will cure my ailments
high blood pressure
high cholesteral
sleep apnea

I have set myself a goal of 14 stone so only 2.5 stone to go but my main goal is maintenance
All the best - speak soon
hi jim
glad you are back with us safe and sound!

my friend had a band fitted 18 months ago and the trapped wind got her for the first few weeks too.

good luck over the next few weeks - introducing food gradually, a bit like RTM

she made the mistake of drinking too much alcohol and eating stuff like ice cream etc so unfortunately hasn't lost as much as she hoped - still, she has lost a lot, and is maintaining much better than she would have done without the band.

do keep us updated of your progress, I'm sure you will be at your target really soon and then getting on with the rest of your life!

daisy x
Hi Jim

Good to hear that all has gone well. I'm sure the wind will pass soon. Can you take anything to help or is it gripe water only for a while??

Great weight loss without intention! I'm sure you will now lose the next 2.5 stone steadily and get to your goal. The maintenance is something we all have to face and I am definitely scared of being turned loose on food again. Good job I have months of development to sort my head out. Does the hospital provide and follow up to help you manage the weight loss and maintenance?


Making it all add up
Good to hear from you JIm, and glad the Op went well. The trapped wind is only temporary and will soon pass. As said above teh band is the beginning, not a solution in itself but I'm confident with the weight loss you have already had you will have no trouble in losing the rest.

Good luck with the journey

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