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Dee's Second Time Around Diary ~ Still 5st to go

Discussion in 'JUDDD Diaries' started by DeeOne, 1 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. DeeOne

    DeeOne Well-Known Member

    I started this over on wemitt but decided to move it over here so i could get Juddd related comments & chat

    I started my weightloss journey last may @ 22st. Began with calorie counting, then on to Juddd in July. I'm surprised To have lost 5st so far considering i'm in my 50's, been overweight since a child and never lost over 2st without falling off the wagon and piling on even more pounds than I struggled to lose.

    I'm just over half way 5st down which is epic for me & with 5 to go I want to keep the momentum going. I'm housebound due to my lupus & mobility issues & crappy days can turn into a junkfest & takes a couple of good DDs to undo.

    I have stayed @ <500 down days & 1800 on up days since I started & added a intermediate day so its the same rotation every week. I love Juddd, the aternative days works for me & I don't feel as deprived as I do on a daily restrictive diet. I've also learnt which foods sets off my cravings not that I can always resist them but @ least I know the culprit when i feel like I could eat a house.

    My weight loss has slowed from 10lbs a month to 6 ish so I may have to try some regular gentle exercise and/or revisit my calorie numbers so I can reach my 14 st/onderland goal in time for my birthday in August. (fingers crossed) Then my ultimate goal is to get out of the overweight bmi category (under 12 stone) by the end of the year.

    I think my biggest battle this year is an emotional one, firstly to believe I can see it through, secondly to accept although I wont end up with a great looking body ie saggy bits & loose skin etc :sigh: that the health benefits will be great, and thirdly how I'll adapt to being slim, something I've never experienced. So I've decided to start this diary to keep me motivated, please feel free to comment.
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  3. Welshmamma

    Welshmamma Well-Known Member

    Wow great losses xx I've had a blip this week but seeing your losses give me a kick up the bum to keep going! X
  4. ladybird777

    ladybird777 back to lose some more

    That's amazing losses. Ikwym about the saggy bits - I'm 52, had 7 kids and short of surgery I'm never going to look brilliant in the buff but its great to be able to bend over and not trap my stomach. :) xx
  5. DeeOne

    DeeOne Well-Known Member

    Its my official weekly WI day My goal for Feb is <228 not going to set it too high as there's a box of Thorntons with my name on it for valentines.. :)

    2nd Feb ~~233.2 ~~~ -1lb

    I'm fine with that considering I had a couple of UUADs last weekend. I had rice both days & the scales bounced up 4lbs eeekk. I rarely eat rice especially basmati as it does seem to make the scales bounce, I'll try brown rice & see if that has the same effect.

    Welshmamma: Thanks hun :) I have blips every month, so I feel you on that.... I really have to count both UD & DD cals to keep the losses going, but if I have a blip I enjoy it & put in a couple of extra low DDs to get back on track. Keep it going hun xx

    Ladybird: Wow 7 kids.. (in awe) ~~ Yes your right ..its those NSVs that makes all the difference..my reflux has really improved thank goodness.. worth it for that alone.
    OMG 18lbs in 3 weeks??? that's amazing ..Juddd suits you well done!!!
  6. lass321

    lass321 Well-Known Member

    Well done for your losses. I am considering JUDDD so it's nice to know that you have been successful on it.
  7. DeeOne

    DeeOne Well-Known Member

    Hi Lass ... Thanks & welcome. I hope you do give Juddd a try.. deprivation every other day works for me.. The DDs wasn't easy @ first but you get used to them....give it @ least a month for the Juddd magic to kick in & see how you go :)
  8. DeeOne

    DeeOne Well-Known Member

    I'm not counting UDs I kinda guessimate them but i think i went over today with a chocfest. I still struggle with the comfort eating when I'm feeling stressed & not looking forward to my DD. I'm going to try to not eat till evening or I'll be snacking all day
  9. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Well-Known Member

    Hi Dee, well done on your losses so far, I know myself it's a long journey coming from those big numbers, but you're on the right train here!!.

    Don't punish yourself for an UUAD, we all have them I'm just finding a balance now in my 4th week of Juddd (knowing me it will all change again next week!!) Your little ray of sunshine is stomping towards your goal there, keep up the good work!!
  10. DeeOne

    DeeOne Well-Known Member

    Thanks Lanark, I dont usually beat myself up but it's just one of those days ... well done on being 4 weeks in :)
  11. lass321

    lass321 Well-Known Member

    You are right, we all get down days. I am so impressed by how much you have lost. You must be an old hand at picking yourself up and dusting yourself down by now :).
  12. marzipanda

    marzipanda Well-Known Member

    Great losses! Well done.
  13. DeeOne

    DeeOne Well-Known Member

    Hey marzi, thanks hun will stop by your diary & say hi :) I see you sparkle thanks for following :)

    Although I only really count my official weigh in on a sunday morning, I do hop on the scales after a DD its the next step of weaning myself off the daily weighing that I've been doing for the past 6 months.

    I had a sub 200 cal DD yesterday wasnt intentional but after a small chicken sandwich (160) and a cuppa mid afternoon (25 ish) I didnt get round to my veggie soup & crispbreads I had planned for dinner (240). I nodded off watching tv until 2am, woke with a headache so took my pain meds & went back to sleep. :zz:

    DD weigh ins Cals
    2nd Feb ~~233.2 <500 ~~~ -1lb
    5th Feb ~~232.0 <450 ~~~ -1.2lb
    7th Feb ~~231.4 <200 ~~~ -0.6lb

    so no woosh for going so low but my couch potato impression didnt help & not enough water either ... probably explains the headache
  14. marzipanda

    marzipanda Well-Known Member

    Ah, another daily weigh-er! I'm the same, terrible! your idea of every other day sounds good, I might try doing that!
  15. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Well-Known Member

    Morning Dee, looks like you're in for a good week, I do a mean couch potato impression as well!!
  16. ladybird777

    ladybird777 back to lose some more

    Daily weigh in are bad news on this plan. I m trying hard to stop doing it. Not sure going so low helps either. My brain is fried over this plan at the moment but I'm still wondering if too low is as bad as not enough. I know it says on JUDDD website to eat as little as possible on DD but my weight stall is since I started the full fasts. Other factor could be the cause tho - I don't get off my backside much at this time of year.
  17. DeeOne

    DeeOne Well-Known Member

    yep hun i'm an old duster off'er lol a lot of bad days are due to my lupus brain fog & bouts of depression are the norm for me. but i dont let it keep me down for long :)

    Are you doing a diary hun, how are you finding juddd?
  18. DeeOne

    DeeOne Well-Known Member

    Had a good UD today conflakes for breakie, salmon bagel for lunch & a loaded jacket potatoes green beans & a large serving of turkey bolognaise.. so i'm feeling nicely full this evening :)

    Ramblings of a carb junkie....
    Having been on this WOE a while, I've really learned how to get more bang for your buck out of food nutritionally & portion wise 'Hungry Girl' style (love her recipes but alas you cant get the products here so have to improvise). I cook low fat only using healthy oils & keep an eye on maximising my protein intake by using lean meats etc. I have cut out a few things that I use to eat on a regular basis & have them occasionally like white bread, rice & pasta which bloats me like a puffer fish & brings out my cravings.
    I started out lower carbs for the first 3 months & it helped to wean me off the junk carbs but now I'm a little more relaxed & will have a 100 cal ish indulgence, a biccie or mini muffin or chocolate, but now I'll only have one rather than the whole packet lol...I'm waffling on a bit I know... but Juddd has really changed my relationship with food.
    I still fall off the wagon for a day or 2 @ times but juddd always pulls me back inline. They say it takes 60 days to form a new habit & I think I have this juddd habit for life.
  19. DeeOne

    DeeOne Well-Known Member

    Its such an individual thing hun .. some people lose better on complete fasts some have to eat their cal allowance on DDs, Its learning what your body responds to best is the key, but that takes a while to pinpoint. 1lb is still a loss it might feel disapointing but as lanark mention after such a big loss last month your body may be adjusting. our body goes into panic mode if we lose a lot quickly & hangs on to the fat for dear life cos it thinks its a famine but if you keep up the alternation it relaxes & gives it up so give it another week & if its still slow add in some protein & veg on dds.

    I think I have some posts somewhere that explains the science behind Juddd & why out body fights us when we are really doing it a favour by becoming healthier. I'll try & dig them out they help me when things are stagnate & my motivation wanes.
  20. ladybird777

    ladybird777 back to lose some more

    Thanks Dee. I see how the next few weeks go now I'm moving and take into account I had a huge loss the first month on it and am probably adjusting. I m happy with the plan over all. It's the best thing I've ever done. xx
  21. ladybird777

    ladybird777 back to lose some more

    I find protein staves off hunger better than anything. I'm the same with carbs. If I eat bread I want more bread etc. Pasta is a no, no for me. I look 9 months gone if I eat that. In fact I'm not good with any with gluten in even tho I have no medical intolerance that I know of. Reading Wheat Belly was an eye opener for me. It's good you can make healthy choices on your UD. I am still not quite there with that :)

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