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Defecting to WW


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Hi Guys,

thought I'd let you all know that I've made a decision today. I am leaving RTM and joining weight watchers. I will be joining WW after I come back from holiday. I know some of you will worry that I have made the wrong choice but I need a more structured plan right now because I still have lots of elements to sort out where healthy eating is concerned. I will stick to LL until I get back from hol then start on WW. I have come so far on LL but now I feel I need something else. I hope I don't live to regret my decision but I am owning this decision!! Wish me luck guys! As I wish you all luck! I will still pop in to say hi :)
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Hey BEx - if that is a plan that works for you better, then its the right choice. Nothing is cast in stone - if you try it and prefer LL, you can always go back - so best to follow your heart/instinct in what you need.

Good luck honey - and I know you won't be a stranger!!! :)



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Good Luck with ww Bex although I am sure you will be fine
Have a lovely holiday & don't be a stranger


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Good luck Bex! I am sure you will be just fine.

Remember we have a date to go for coffee or shopping with BL in the new year.
How strange! I was just thinking about doing the same as I opened the webpage only to see your thread!! I've been thinking about it for a little while also, so I completely understand your choice. For now I'm going to carry on and see how I get on...but I wish you all the luck in the world (I don't mean that as in you'll need it as I know you'll be just fine!). I hope you will pop back and say hi as I am very interested in how you get on with it, given my thoughts. Have a fab holiday Bex and look forward to hearing all about it :) xxx
PS: Bex, a sudden thought, I hope you dont' think I'm stalking you or something lol. First with starting RTM and now possibly WW...I honestly was thinking about it beforehand :) xx
Thanks Bex :) After a long discussion with my very supportive husband, I made a list of pros and cons for each and WW came out the most favourable. Not happy with the LLC's attitude and the whole 12 week thing as I do feel like they are trying to drag it out as long as possible! I also find that no one stays for the meeting and I feel like I'm a nuisance by being there. She's not been there for three of the weeks and a locum has just done pop-ins and I've felt completely unsupported, more than I have throughout the diet. I decided to plod on with the plan and give myself a bit longer. However, I went to the LL premises last night early as she usually opens earlier and I had to meet a friend that I hadn't seen for ages...only to find she'd changed the hours (without notifying us!). I was really annoyed and given how I've been feeling about the LLC and the plan. I made my decision and to be honest, I feel happier for it. I did notify my LLC and explained that I felt ready to go into the big wide world and hoped that if I had made a mistake that I would be able to come back and thanked her for her support. I receive a very curt and sarcastic "good luck". I think that if I had a different LLC things would be different, but they're not so I'm doing the thing thats right for me. I hope I'm still welcome here to see how you girls are getting on :)

BL - I feel bad cos I know how we've started together. But I also know how strong you are. You are doing great and I'm so proud of you! Keep up the good work. You are a true inspiration :) xx
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Hi girls.

:( I am sad to see you going to WW, if I am honest. I know you have both done amazingly well - and I wish you ALL the luck in the world to carry o your success. I am sad though, and its just my own worry's for you.

I would have to disagree that LL try and drag it out. I think it is very sound the way food is re-introduced and it makes sense for it to be at such a slow pace (12 weeks). A lot of this opinion is based on the success or lack of success of several people where I work....all that left RTM have sadly regained-some have gone on their own and some to toher slimming clubs. Those that stayed the course - have maintained - I have always firmly believed that RTM is the most important peice of the diet, and after such an emotional and financial investment - seems a risky thing to leave at that stage.

But - you ladies kow yourselves better then anyone - and if you believe its the way forward - then you have to follow your heart.

I ONLY say this out of care for you two. I know how hard you have worked and how wonderful you have done. I hope WW is the answer for you....but proceed with caution. (I know you will.)

You BETTER still come round here or I will feel well and truly abandoned! I'd have to :whoopass: you both! :D

I hope it works well for you. :)

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Thanks BL... I understand your concerns but I was so unhappy at my LL meetings and that was making me want to eat bad things!!! I am happy with my choice but I do thank you for your concern and I know that you say what you say because you care... I will keep you informed :) Good luck with the rest of your RTM and maintaining!! I know you will do well x and I promise to drop by :)
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thanks for understanding Bex. Its so hard to put down here, because I do not want to sound negative at all - I am behind you 100%. (And everyone can see me because you are so little now there is nowhere to hide!! :giggle:

Glad you understand. :)

Thank you for your concerns BL, I can only echo more or less what Bex has said. I can see what you are saying completely but I have thought and talked this through with my nearest and dearest. I feel more comfortable with the decision in the here and now. I will still loiter here and see how you're all doing which of course will only be good news :) As always, thanks for all your support ladies xxxx

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