Definitely counts as exercise!!


Queen of the Damned
Just got back. We went to JJB Sports in Hove and bought skates, helmuts and protective pads and skated in Hove Park for two hours :eek: :eek: :eek: It was fantastic - I think I shocked the kids (I know I shocked myself) cos I was great - only fell over once, whereas SD spent most of the time on the floor!

It was fab, really excellent but we're too knackered to go to the roller disco now! :rolleyes:
I had so much fun - haven't laughed that much in ages!! :p Nina got her first bike and was riding around like a little loony, and we had so many people walk past us laughing cos we were in stitches most of the time! Heartily recommended - if a 20 stone woman can get her skates on, there's no stopping anyone else! :eek:
Erm - how about no! lol - I've got an irrational fear of falling on my arris since my back injury a few years ago - it does look great fun though but I have all the balance of a wounded rhino and would therefore end up in A&E sooner than you could say 'very low calorie diet' LMTO!!

Shopping and horizontal gymnastics are my preferred exercises! hehe
ooooh, oooooh, what time were you in Hove Park missus? I cycled through there with OH around 12/1 ish.

What a great way to spend a family afternoon.... and very very brave.

Must pluck up courage myself I really must as my eldest loves ice skating (he learnt at Kindergarten when we lived in Canada) and he really needs to exercise more but isn't a natural at other sports and gets left out at school at other sports even though he tries to join in.

Your afternoon is a great motivator to me to take your example and have a go!

Dizzy x
Hey, I've got skates, and no one to go with, so if you and yours ever want to meet up on Hove Seafront.....
Oh DQ. You loony :D What a fab idea though. Bet that made for some special kid/Mum bonding time :)

Good for you mate
It really really was!! Dh was following Nina on her bike ( i.e. walking and smoking) and me and the other three girls were all over the place! :cool:

Sounds great. I've never had the nerve to don skates
(well not since my teens anyway)

Andrew and I do walk on other people's walls though :eek:
The last time I skated I was 11 y/o :eek: I used to skate to the local library and stuff as I had to share my bike with my sister. Never been on inline skates before and it is definitely different! :p

I love walking on walls too :D