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i feel so down. fifth day on the diet and i cant stop cheating every night. i dont gorge but i keep having a handful of biscuits with my tea and ive already had my syns so its really bad.i just cant stop myself cheating all the time and its really getting me down as i really really wanna loose weight but ive got a feeling i havent lost any weight. ive been doing an hours walking on me treadmill every day but when the time comes monday morning and i stand on the scales if i see i havent lost any weight im gonna feel like **** and probably give up like i always do and i dont wanna do that, im so sick of being fat.i dont know how i can stop these craves every night xx:cry::17729:
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I know how you feel, I found (especially over xmas). If i got rid of all the naughty stuff and then that was the end of it -if it's not there you cant eat it. I know its hard- take it from me i know !!
Ive gone from eating macdonalds breakfast 2/3x a week, chinese maybe 1 a fortnight and kfc -OMG. We would have the chip pan out a lot. fatty greasy sausages. and basically eating all the wrong stuff. I would turn my nose up at fruit .......... BUT NOW...
I will eat 2/3 bananas a day, chip pan got thrown away 3 mths ago (it stunk) dont go to macdonalds,kfc havent had a 'bad 'sausage in ages and im eating mullerlights (i admit that I have had urges- but i have dealt with it: ie chinese i needed it !!)
It is hard but you will get through- come on think of how you will look and all the praises. Dont give up . If this tub of lard can do it , so can you

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Are you on your own in the evening? I found that I got cravings if I had nothing to do.
Now, I entertain myself on the Wii Fit, come on here, catch up with friends...anything to not think about curry from a takeaway! (I dont crave chocolate). What about a hobby? Walking, dancing? things that dont cost the earth are out there, you just have to look and take that first step...you did with SW!


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Make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day...

Have a bowl full of apples...you can only eat so many apples before feeling full and it will help with the blood sugar.

If you feel like eating stick on your favourite dance music and dance...it is good exercise.

Focus on today and what you have achieved. If you get through today without comfort eating, you will feel good about yourself and it will be that little bit easier tomorrow and the next day.

Instead of thinking you are going to fail, or how difficult you are finding it just now...think positive, tell yourself you can do this...be your own coach and cheer leader:)

They say it takes 21 days to change a habit.

Evening eating comfort food is usually because you are bored. Night classes are starting up now all over the place, you could have a look to see what is on in your area and join one, it is an opportunity to learn something new and make new friends.

It is expected after this cold winter we are going to have a hot summer...so just think of all the nice summer clothes you can reward yourself with for all your hard work.

Love Mini xxx
thanks slack alice.its just always sweet stuff and its always in the house as my hubby loves his treats and never puts on weight so its ok for him and i have the biscuits in kitchen for my little girl for a treat if she has been good even though she eats all the diet stuff i eat.
im gonna stick pictures of me on the cupboards of when i was a size 8 three years ago, i really need to learn to say no but when im sitting watching tele or what ever its always on my mind, its like i have to eat the treats. i know its all physological. im just stuck in a rut. i have 3 and half stone to loose and at this rate im never going to be slim again xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
But you will get there Hun! It will take time, but will happen....just think about your little one and Hubby...what more motivation do you need?
Part of my new year's resolution apart from the usual...loose weight etc, was to not care about how others saw/thought of me (very emotional person) and if I want to chase after my Daughter doing monkey impressions down the street, then I'm going to!!! Life is too short to think about what ifs and maybe's, we just have to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward.

Take care

cheers guys for listening.i dont ever crave meals as such its always sweet things.i just feel so bad cuz my partner thinks im doing great and im lying to him saying im not cheating and doing really well.im skint to at the minute and all me healthy foods have nearly gone. its costing me loads to have all the fruit and veg and stuff fresh every week xx
god im getting really emotional now. i suffer with depression so im prone to these moments so its good to talk to someone.
i just really wanna do this. i wanna show everyone who has said recently (like the mother in law) god your putting on the weight that i can loose it and im not a failure(think i spelt that wrong) x

Mrs V

Loves Life!
If there is a Lidl's close to you or an Aldi, get yourself there...they have fruit and veg at 39p. Its where I go and Im on a really tight budget too!
Have a chat with your Partner, dont exclude him as I'm sure he will want to help you too, perhaps you can suggest a walk together as a family to a park. If your Little one is walking, let her walk around and then you run after her as a game of tickle chase (all exercise!). You dont have to spend a fortune for this to work.
Please feel free to message me at any time when you need anything...thats what we are all here for.
Also...you are not a failure, you are someone that has to take a bit longer for things to work out...Im one of those too...been on anti-depressants and refused to take them, had counselling. Im now a trained counsellor (although I work in a totally different field!!), so please feel free to speak out.



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If you know you're going to crave sweet things at night, prepare for it. Have your biscuits but count them as syns.

One thing I often make when I'm on a sweet thing kick is a blancmange/mousse type thing.

Get 1 large pot of very low fat fromage frais and a sugar free jelly, your favourite flavour.

Make the jelly up with 1/4 pint hot water to dissolve it. then 1/4 pint of cold water. tip the fromage frais into a bowl and then add the jelly. give it a good mix up and leave it to set. The whole bowl is only 2 and a 1/2 syns. You can even use the low fat spray cream on it if you want. I can't remember how many syns that is off the top of my head.

I either make a strawberry one or a lemon one. They're lovely and guilt free and satisfy the sweet craving for me.


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thanks slack alice.its just always sweet stuff and its always in the house as my hubby loves his treats and never puts on weight so its ok for him and i have the biscuits in kitchen for my little girl for a treat if she has been good even though she eats all the diet stuff i eat.

Talk to your hubby about not buying in biscuit treats as you are finding it difficult knowing that they are there.

While he may not gain weight from eating them, they are not doing him any good in the long run as they are most lightly clogging his veins with plague...skinny does not always equal healthy.

Diet and exercise is what is important and as parents if you both now take this opportunity to set good example for your daughter you may be saving her from going through the same pain as you are now in later years.

im gonna stick pictures of me on the cupboards of when i was a size 8 three years ago,
That is an excellent idea!!!

i really need to learn to say no but when im sitting watching tele or what ever its always on my mind, its like i have to eat the treats.

If they are not in the house you can not be tempted to eat them.

i know its all physological. im just stuck in a rut. i have 3 and half stone to loose and at this rate im never going to be slim again xx
Thinking of losing 3 1/2 stone is overwhelming...break it up into smaller manageable mini goals that are achievable in the short term. Be realistic so that you do not set yourself up for failure.

Get as much support as you can from your husband and daughter, it will give them both a sense that they are able to help and feel part of the process.

Love Mini xxx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Oh Huney you are down aren't you? Are you eating enough during the day? Are you drinking enough water? Now I know this is the last thing you want to do if you are depressed, (and I've been on prozac several times) but can you, beg or borrow an exercise dvd, or the library may have one. Perhaps your little girl would join in with you, and if you feel a craving coming on, say you can have something IF you do some exercise first.20 mins is enough to start, and see if you really need something afterwards. I thought I was far too tired to exercise after work, but I find if I take it gently I can, and feel so much better afterwards I don't need to eat. I also find diet tonic takes away the craving . Good luck, you can do it! (and get OH to put his sweet stuff in the boot of the car!)
hi shelley, just wanted to try give you some support and advice. i know how you feel on a night because i eat like a horse all nigh long and thats just how i have always been brought up and i enjoy snacking so i thought id let you know how i battle it. firstly i dnt buy anything naughty in. i understand its not just you in the house but if your daughter or hubby wants a treat then you should try and make a rule in the house that they buy what they want (or you buy your daughter a treat) and its eaten outside the house so theres not temptation in the house and it never comes in. i know myself that slimming is a team effort so if you dont get the suppot of your family willing to make changes as well its going to make life a lot harder for you. i also always have a lot of free food lying around to eat, bachelors pasta n sauce, mug shots and i make my own free rice pudding with pudding rice boiled in water and toffee muller mixed in with sweetener. these are the sort of things that are pretty cheap and dont go off, also beans, tinned spagetti, etc are good for eating on a night.

saw you said that buying fresh stuff was expensive, are you shopping in the right place? i get all my fruit and veg from the greengrocer rather than at the weekly shop in asda, the other day i got 2 bags of bananas and 2 bags grapes for £1 at the green grocer. blueberries at asda are usually about £2 a box whereas i buy mine for 40p a box round the corner so try doing your shopping somewhere other than the supermarket. hope this helps
thanks all for the advise. cant really go for walks with me partner as he has severe haemophillia and has just had pins in his ankle few monyhs ago so he is not allowed to walk far. i do do 60 mins on treadmill every night. im eating quite alot in day as im doing the free diet trial on sw website and i have to eat loads but these past couple of days im not eating everything im supposed to mainily because its so much so on monday my mum said she will pay for me to join the classes so cant wait to get the starter pack of books and do it me own way xx
yeah thanks abigail.ive told me partner to have a box to put his side of the bed for his chocolates which i dont ever touch cuz he will know then that i have failed. its just the biscuits that have got to go now. gonna say to me fella tonight after they have gone im not buying no more. my 2 year old can do with out cuz she eats very healty anyway. really got to get through this. thanks everyone else who has replied xx


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I totally know what you mean, its sometimes so difficult to change habits and stop eating crap! Im totally changing my lifestyle, there is no more unhealthy food left in my house haha! There are some great slimming world desert recipes, that will satisfy your sweet tooth and you can incorporate into your syns for the day. If you don't want to cook, things like meringue nests are only a couple of syns, and if you fill it with sweet fruit like blueberries it will be a really good treat in the evening, and you wont feel guilty at all!

What we did, (me and my mum are doing it together!) is put together our old slimming world magazines, cut out all the recipes, got all our books together, wrote out sw recipes we found online, and put them all in a big folder. its like our bible! so we are never stuck for ideas, and have great little things that are quick and easy if we get peckish in the evening.

If you need a bit of excerise to do, just put some loud upbeat music on and dance around the room with your little one, they will love it - you will have so much fun together, aswell as getting a good dance workout!

If you are going to start going to group then that will be such a boost for your motivation. Good luck sweetie, im sure you can do this - we are all on this journey together, so just come and moan to us lot! haha, you're doing great, dont give up :)
i do do 60 mins on treadmill every night.
I take my hat off to you, I really do....an hour a night is excellent and you put me to shame! My treadmill is dusty and begging to be used ;-) I did alot of treadmilling 2 years ago and found that I hardly lost a pound a month but told myself that I was building muscle, but after 3 months I had really toned up and people started to notice.

Do you like pasta? That goes a long way, fills you up and isn't expensive if you can buy the bigger packs (I know Asda does huuge packets).

Make sure you give yourself credit for what you do, that's a good habit you've gotten into there ,keep on treading! :whacky068:

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