Desperate for a diary !


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Has anyone seen any ? I was after something nice that I'd want to write in and stick with doing a food diary in..... it has to be a page a day one though because if it isnt the space for sat and sun are half the size (not good!).

Please, I'm struggling to find one ! Has anyone seen any nice ones ?

Thanks x
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Wow!! what a good idea, I might do that too! Do you have a Wilkinson's where you live? They have a good choice and are competitively priced, or WHS smith. You would probably find they are cheaper now we are in 2010!
You have given me a really good idea! thanks!


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I was going to buy a little note pad and write the dates in myself


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I don't know if you have a pound shop.
They normally sell them.
We have one of sorts here and they have stacks of them. The really big A4 size are a pound and half that size are 50p


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I bought a lined notebook from WHSmith last week and I just write the date at the top of the page. Today, I made up a curry as I went along, so I wrote the recipe in the back.

I do love a bit of stationary... *rubs knees*


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Thanks everyone ! I have looked in our tesco and in the pound shops and they had a few, but they weren't a page a day ones. I didnt want to get a notebook and write the day at the top as I think I'd be less likely to continue with it. Although its getting to the stage where I still dont have one and there are lots of pretty notebooks around so I might be tempted :)


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I personally use a hardback notepad. While on here, I note down recipes, ideas and syn values in the back. I keep it in my handbag all the time, so when I am shopping I can look in the back for ideas!

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That's a good idea purple star. I tend to carry the free branded book around with me but that's no good for low syn ideas x


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Have you tried looking on ebay - may have to wait a couple of days for it to get to you but atleast you may get one.


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Paperchase is the best place to buy diaries! They have beautiful ones :)


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I got a cool one in WH Smiths - a page-a-day diary with skulls and crossbones on the cover in pwetty colours :)


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if you cant get a diary asda are doing small ring binders with notecards for a £1, they also have small box files for a £1 as well i brought one to be my food diary and one to put recipes in that i have written down from this site.
i think they are about A5 size so fit nicely into a bag


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Thanks for all your ideas everyone ! I'll be getting online and looking today, hopefully will find something :)


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Have a look online, you may get a diary in a sale - just google 'diaries'....


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Tesco's have a lovely range.. I keep a small one for what I eat and I bought a large one with the same pattern for all the reciepes I like:D:D