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desperately need advice!


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only lost 1lb this week but I think it is to do with constipation

I am that scared now I cant stop crying, to be blunt I need the loo, it is there, but so hard and (I think) big that it won't come out!

please help! I feel sick with the pain and don't know what to do?

been like this since last night :(
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this time - the last time
Are you taking an tablets? Ducolase works for me.
Try get some today.
I had problems with this before, I took senacot in the evening and by morning your all ready to go.

Hope you feel better, I know its an awful feeling :(
senakot has always worked for me. if its really bad you are allowed to take 2 of the max strength ones and u will definitely be able to go then. try not to worry and definitely take senakot or dulculax or something like that it will help. and make sure u drink lots more water xx


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ended up going to the drop in centre and was given glycerin suppositories and. have finally passed what seemed to be a rugby ball...!
never want to experience that again :(
Get the powdered fibre from your CDC and take it religiously everyday. When stuff is slow, twice! And if it's not working, more water and senna!!!! poor you :( xx


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Oh Goolian I know how you feel!! In my 5th week and have never suffered with it before, but I took a tablet Tues cos I couldn't go but then hadn't been since and started feeling horrible so took another earlier. Haven't been yet but hopefully will in the morning.

But will I need to take tablets all the time??


Fab & Fit For Florida
I think the doctor threatening with an enema scared it out of me :)
Many recommend Dulco-Lax tablets or Dulco-Lax Perles which are gentler. You should add the Cambridge fibre or other soluble fibre you can buy in the chemist's to your water and have it every day. Or, you can add psyllium husk to shakes and soups, as I did and many still do. It makes them creamy and smooth and more satisfying whilst also giving you fibre.

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