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Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by jenniecakes, 8 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. jenniecakes

    jenniecakes Gold Member

    Can anyone recommended a fairly low syn dessert, anything less than about 7 syns? Would quite like either a good cheesecake recipe or meringue or chocolate brownie :)
    Its for a dinner party.
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  3. CharKearney

    CharKearney Full Member

    Hiya Jennie, a favourite of mine is Eton Mess -
    1 Meringue nest (I use Tesco ones) - 3syns
    Vanilla Essence
    Frozen Mixed Berries - Defrosted

    Mix quark, sweetener and vanilla essence together with a hand whisk(this makes cheat cream). Drizzle over a meringue nest and top up with the lovely defrosted berries! 3 syns the lot and so satisfying!
  4. bucksfizz

    bucksfizz Full Member

    I make the Eton mess too, but use fresh fruit and mix it with a muller light, then crumble 1 meringue nest into it. Makes it really fruity, lovely tasting and to be honest stops me faffing on with sweetener etc!
    3syns in total for the meringue nest.
  5. jenniecakes

    jenniecakes Gold Member

    Thanks guys! I'm doing a bit of both. I've done quark mixed with sweetner and vanilla and I've got strawberry muller light. Meringue nests and strawberries! Will be delicious!!!!!!
  6. CharKearney

    CharKearney Full Member

    Talking about this is making me want it again tonight for pudding! Have you tried Choc Shot Jennie? You can find it down the Hot Chocolate aisle, 1 tbsp of it is 2 syns and it is AMAZING drizzled over fruit, yoghurt...pretty much anything! Really takes your chocolate sweet tooth off too! x
  7. jenniecakes

    jenniecakes Gold Member

    I actually tried it in meeting the other week but haven't bought any yet. I'll have a look this week for it

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