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  1. MrsOwo

    MrsOwo Member

    Will be starting AGAIN tomorrow , going to try and stick to slimfast for 30 days
    I will post my starting weight in the morning before my first shake :/
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  3. fluttershy82

    fluttershy82 Member

    Good luck x
  4. MrsOwo

    MrsOwo Member

    Thank u fluttershy82 :)
  5. MrsOwo

    MrsOwo Member

    So decided to start today Monday, I've weighed in already and ready to go!!

    DAY 1 of 30


    Breakfast Chocolate shake

    Snack: banana

    Lunch : Shake

    Snack : sf chocolate bar

    Dinner: 600cal

    Snack: Kellogg's crisp s 90 calories

    Exercise : hoping to go spinning / gym / ? Zumba

    And water water water eeeekkk
  6. MrsOwo

    MrsOwo Member

    Oops I meant 13:11
    Does anybody eles prefer to start with a snack first then have the shake later??? I must try the right way :///
  7. MrsOwo

    MrsOwo Member

    Day 1 over stuck to plan 100 per cent shattered after one hour of aerobics and one hour of spinning !!!! I can hear my bed calling me !
  8. MrsOwo

    MrsOwo Member

    Day 2

    Wt: 13.9

    On my way to work 13 hrs eeeekkk hoping ill stick to this , harder whilst I'm at work ! Today must try drink more water!!!
  9. MrsOwo

    MrsOwo Member

    Day 3

    Wt: 13:8

    Another long day ahead at work , yesterday wasn't to bad
  10. MrsOwo

    MrsOwo Member

    Day 3 & 4

    Wt 13.7

    Almost a full week on plan , not much exercise, and not much water!!! My two aims for next week!
  11. MrsOwo

    MrsOwo Member

    Meant day 4 & 5 lol
  12. His-beau

    His-beau Full Member

    You started of great! How is it going?
  13. MrsOwo

    MrsOwo Member

    Back again * hangs head down in shame lol , I need another jump start for I have broken down. I think I will just start with 14 days first and see how that goes! Hoping to eventually move onto slimming world to get to target.

    I'm starting Monday! So will weigh in then ( promise :)
  14. MrsOwo

    MrsOwo Member

    So I'm back as promised

    Weighed myself this morning , happy that I've managed to maintain this weekend! And also I'm a stone lighter than when I tried to attempt slimfast before !!!! Anyway

    Day 1 of 14

    Weight: 12:12

    Breakfast - chocolate shake

    Snack - sf snack bar

    Lunch - slimfast meal bar

    Snack -sf snack bar

    Snack- banana

    Dinner- exactly 600 cal , not sure what I'm having yet! I normally stick to ww ready meals!

    My aim is to go to spinning and aerobics tonight. I will check in later :)
    Have a good day all
  15. MrsOwo

    MrsOwo Member

    Day one has gone to plan minus the workout! As I forgot it was bank holiday !!!! and there was no classes. Never mind !!! i did a little workout at home. Bring on day 2 !!
  16. MrsOwo

    MrsOwo Member

    Day 2 of 14


    Was expecting a loss this morning, really need to stop the daily weighing!! But it has become a very bad habit :///// anyway on a long shift today planning not to eat after 4! Feeling very discouraged today. But will carry on!
  17. mimi2321

    mimi2321 Member

    Hi have u done slim fast before? Im new its my first day....wat time do u have your shakes

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