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Detox advice??

I started my detox on Monday, cutting out Processed foods, Caffeine, Alcohol, chocolate, fizzy drinks and basically anything else thats not good for me.
My main foods to be chicken, fish, salads, veg, fruit, potato's, eggs and lots of water.
The first 3 days were great. My energy levels were high, I was sleeping really well and my skin looked good.
Then I woke this morning, I slept so deep I struggled to get out of bed! I made myself exercise and then cleaned the house (my day off). It has been an awful day. My energy levels have been so low all day. I forced myself to go on the Wii this afternoon, to see if that would help, but no.
What has gone wrong? I am craving anything and everything, which is starting to get to me. I thought this would be healthy for me, but im feeling anything but healthy!!
It is my weigh in 2moro and I am really apprehensive. I have been around 1200 net cals each day, so I don't think it is lack of food.
Very confused and disheartened :-(
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Hello Shazzabir,

How many calories do you tend to eat? I think 1200 calories may be too low, mainly if you're an active person and exercise. Try to up your calorie intake to 1500 because probably 1200 cals aren't enough to provide the energy you need.

Other question, did you use to drink coffe? I know many people who are addicted to coffe and when they cut it from their diets their experience headaches and are very tired. Detoxing is a process so it's natural that you may feel some disconfort because body also needs time to adjust the new diet.

Hope you feel better soon

If you cut anything out of your diet that your body is used to you will go through a slight withdrawal, especially sugar which is in most processed foods. If the things i have read about are true (never tried for longer than a day so not from personal experience) if you push through this you will feel great in a couple of days :)

But well done if you don't it's harder than people think and you've done really well xx

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