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devastated after WI

I am devastated

I have been 100% this week but gained 2lbs

I have been under the weather and may be a bit constipated but still gutted beyond belief

i am so determined and so focused - its just such a blow after such a good week last week

i cried in class and now feel so stupid :cry:
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Wozers hunny! Take a deep breath. No need to be embarressed about crying at weigh in, i did a few weeks back.. over half a lb. I was SO upset.. id worked my ass off.

What can i say, unfortunatly these things happen. Theres no reason for it, i'v had it happen to me many a time, all i can say.. which is so much easier said than done is do not blow this week. This new fresh week, is a new fresh week to work towards your goal. Not to be wasted. All your hard work this week gone will go over to your new week and will pay off.

When i was only a few lbs from target, i tried to do a gree week, to give myself a 'boost' well. I gained 2.5lbs and i was SO gutted. Well gutted wasnt the word. It felt like i'd been so close, and now i had more to lose. I was so distraught, it took all my might not to jack it in and say **** it. It was a struggle getting my head around another week.. but when you do see the results you know its all worth it.

Keep strong xxxx
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Please don't make my mistake. This happened to me last week and like you I was gutted because I had no reason why this had happened. I kind of gave up a little this past week and had my WI tonight and lost 1.5lb - now I am gutted because if I had stuck with this 100% again this week might have even got a little more off !!!!

So try not to be disheartened and stick with this xxx
thank you so much

the girls at group were fab of course but i just felt such a lemon!!

I did EE for the last two weeks for the first time ever and think I will go back to green this week - I wonder if my portions were perhaps too big?

I am determined not to blow it - I have had my tea which was prepared anyway and a hifi bar and will have a curly wurly later as a treat (all still within syns) and then fresh day tomorrow.

I have my pandora bracelet from my hubby and my first bead for first half stone and have taken my bead off cos I dont feel like i deserve to have it on as I havent lost half a stone if that makes sense :(
The girls are right. Remember if you are a bit bunged it has to have some weight.I always find if I dont go then I always put it on. Dont worry just eat lots of prunes to get you going again but don't give up-you've come too far for that,:brainfart:. good luck and go for it, xx


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So sorry your feeling cr*p honey, most of us have been there. Put that bead back on your bracelet though, no need to make yourself feel worse or feel as if you need to "punish" yourself! :grouphugg:
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Be Stong! I did exactly the same thing this week, i put on 4.5 pound and cried like a baby when my Consultant got to me. I am on pills for a back problem i have and the doctor told me that they would make me retain water and that i might not be so regular for a few feeks but to stand on the scales was just rotten today.
But i have had my cry and i felt better for it and now i am just stright back on the plan and i am counding on at least a little loss next week!

I'm sure you will be absolutly fine :) and a huge well done on your loss so far, lets not let a little set back bring us down chick

Red xxx


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Big hugs hunny, your not alone...we've all had these kind of weeks. You've already said a couple of reasons that could be the reason for the gain so dont be too hard on yourself.
Keep strong, keep going and you will keep losing ;)
I know how you feel......I am now at target however over the past 16 months of my journey I have had weeks where I have gained despite doing the plan 100%...it is very disheartning however I think it is just part of the journey. Our bodies are funny things.....I always felt like nobody believed I had been good when I had these gains but I knew 100% that I had stuck to the plan......It just happens.....you have to just forget about it and carry on. When I got to target I put on weight the first weigh in after...I couldn't believe it and I was so upset.....Your body is individual to you...it has ups and downs whilst it sorts itself out....we are all different and sometimes nature just does these things....sometimes I think it would be better if we where only weighed once a month and the ups and downs wouldn't be quite as noticable...carry on now and think of it as a life time way of eating and a journey that like life isn't always as you planned...good luck....and try some crunchy bran for your breakfast....:)....nice with 14g of sultanas on (2syns), sweetner and a drop of milk......yum yum
aww thats so unfair isn't it - our flippin bodies behaving naughty again IMO!!

I hope your feeling a little better today - I will keep my fingers crossed for a good week for you & next week look out for your really happy post saying what a good loss you have had :D


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Awww I had this problem this week, I gained 3lb and I stayed 100% to plan, I was totally gutted and felt like giving up... but I have set to for another 100% week and have told hubby if I dont lose weight this week I will just change diets as this one doesn't suit me, but so far (as I am a serial weigher), the scales have dropped this week... was obviously just my body throwing a strop last week.... I bet you lose loads next week.... just stick with it.


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Just thought I'd comment om your post. Can I just say, that maintaing after a good loss, is actually really good. Its your body's way of catching up with itself and if you carry on being 100%, you will certainly see a good loss next week.

so.. well done on your loss and keeping it off :) xx

Don't think anything else about it and maybe even boost it too, by extra exercise? xx
thank all

I have been sent home from work today and if i am no better tonight will maybe have to go into hospital - aarrgghh

my gp has told me to take 8 sachets of movicol at once and if that doesnt work then he will see about me going in :(

hopefully this will sort me out and then that wil also sort out the gain I had lol

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