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  1. Happydays

    Happydays Member

    Hi everyone....looking for advice. I am struggling on development (ie lapsing very couple of days) and as you can imagine weight loss has slowed down. My idea? Join a foundation group afresh at another centre. Would this work? I need a fresh start.
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  3. pete10141748

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    Without meaning to sound rude, is that idea not simply running away from whatever the real issue here is?

    You need to find out why you are lapsing (stress, boredom, anxiety, do you feel you are 'done' with losing weight....) - leaving your group and joining a new one isn't going to make that happen, and it won't leave behind whatever the real problem is either.

    If you want a fresh start, give yourself one; you don't need to change groups / LLC to do that!
  4. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

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    I think you need to address why you are lapsing now. If you are lapsing now, you will no doubt continue to do so in foundation as well. Best to sort yourself out now once and for all as is the intention of the diet. That may sound harsh, but its the kindest way of telling you that is the reality.

  5. Happydays

    Happydays Member

    Thanks for the honest comments. I have been doing a LOT of work on this and the underlying reason is fear. Fear of failure. I lost virtually all my surplus weight two years ago and then regained it all again which I found to be a complete nightmare. I was depressed. I really could not face it again and I think I just want to bale out now to save myself the horror! (Hope this makes sense)
    I've looked at fears of being thin but think I could cope with it once I get used to the new me.
    I have been to a meeting today and amazingly am still losing weight. I feel remotivated and intend to aim for a perfect week! A new person came along who is restarting so I intend to join in and restart too! Excitement is contagious!
    Also I have borrowed the Foundation dvds from my counsellor to give me that "Foundation feel" ( I've never seen them before).
    Any other ideas welcome.
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  6. Ameythist

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    I personally struggled in my development classes as they were not structured the same as foundation and I felt I lost the closeness. I stopped going altogether and for the last 12 months have mucked about with 2 stone on/off.... It is hard to admit what the real problem is well done you..... new eyes, new start xx
  7. Happydays

    Happydays Member

    Well, today is day one of my fresh start and I feel very positive (and excited) indeed. I am viewing what happened as a wobbly patch. I lost 8 lbs in the period and that is still 8lbs. Better than putting it on!!!! Yesterdays meeting was about the consequences of not following rules eg rules of LighterLife.I felt very shamefaced.
    I now choose to follow the LighterLife rules. I'm ready to finish the journey.
    Feeling good :D
  8. thin_inside

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    Well done you. You're facing the fear and will definitely beat it with this attitude! xx
  9. pete10141748

    pete10141748 Postaholic

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    Good for you!
    It's a lesson well learnt to follow the LL rules to the T.
    If you don't, you end up like me; staying within the same 7lbs for weeks/months on end, watching others in your group getting thinner each week and then leaving while you sit there knowing you could have been halfway through maintenance at this point if only you had stuck to it and not kept thinking "write off today (ie pig out) and start over tomorrow" every day.

    Stick with it! We can do this! :)
  10. charlene9440

    charlene9440 is in it to win it!

    Lighterlife diet
    I too am in development and im having the same problem as happy days, i keep thinking to myself "i really want to see this thru", but then i get an urge to eat something and then think to myself well ive still got "x" amount of days left till weigh in ill start afresh tommorrow! I really really want to do this but i just cant seem to understand myself and why i am doing this silly thing! I vow with all my strength to get back at it as i only have another 4 weeks till RTM.
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