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..doing it!
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Hey debbywebby1970 :wavey:

I like Dexter :) Unfortunately ive only watched season 1!!! :eek:

So methinks i need to catch up :giggle:

Great concept for a show though huh! :cool:


Lei xxx


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He is a sexy mo' fo'
ILOVED season 1 and 2 but haven't seen the 3rd, is it as good?
i'm waiting till they show the latest season from the start on FX or something...


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i love love love dexter even called my kitten after him ! - can't wait for fridays .. and it's getting really really intresting lots of twists and turns with magal *sp*

:D ps i think his hot as well - in real life Michael C. Hall is married to jennifer carpenter who plays his sister
Hi Debby

I'm a great fan of Dexter. I think it's the last one next Friday in Series 3 on FX . I can't wait. It shows what a good series it is, as I normally can't stand any programme with too much blood in it. I like the fact that he gets the baddies.

I love Dexter as a character but I think Debs is fantastic. She has a bit of a mouth on her but she really makes me laugh. I've read three of the Dexter books and although the series doesn't follow them very closely at all they are a good read. I found the second book very funny. However, the series does bring in alot of the character traits and themes of the book.

Have you watched the new series called Lie to Me on Sky 1 on a Thursday night? It's not gory but facinating that there is a whole science of facial expressions that supposedly can tell them if a lie has been told or not. It's worth a look if you've got access to Sky.

It's good to talk about somemthing else other than diets all the time;)

Happy Watching



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I love Dexter. Like you Joanna I think his sister is great. So funny. I haven't read the books yet but might do those when I finish Twilight.

I love some of the FX Shows. I cannot wait for season 2 of Burn Notice and True Blood is going to be good I think. Lie To Me is another brill show and I am loving The Mentalist.


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How have you seen it already! It's taking ages to come on fx. I love Michael and I think Fiona is so wicked.


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Oh Joanna it's fab. It's about a spy kind of guy who has a 'burn notice' out on him so no one will employ him. He spends his time taking on small detective type jobs to earn some dosh while he tries to find out who has burned him. He is helped by an old friend Sam who is a womaniser and his ex girlfriend who is a bit mad and very used to handling guns! I probably am describing it in a bad way but I think it's really funny and good. And Michael is gorgeous. Check it out if you get a chance.

Hi Angy

I'll definitely have a look at it. I'm off on hols to France for a few weeks so I'll look when I get back. I'm hoping not to go too mad on the eating front but I can already feel my defences weakening. I know it's my holiday but I've only lost 17 lbs so far and I can put weight on so quickly.

Take care


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