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Diagnosed with Lupus and put on Lupus - Can I still lose weight??

UPDATE: Sorry about the mistake in the title it should read - "Diagnosed with Lupus and put on steroids, Can I still lose weight" I had no idea how to change it.

Hi, I have just been diagnosed with Lupus and been put on steriods hopfully just temporarily until the inflamation has gone down. I have been taking them for 4 days and feel really bloated and although I have stuck to the diet have gained weight so far although weigh in day is Tuesday.

Does anyone have any experience of dieting and steriods or Lupus at all, I could do with all the advice you could give me??

The steriods I am on are called Prednisolone. :wave_cry::wave_cry:
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Sorry that you are unwell. I don't know what Lupus is but I would say that the important thing is getting yourself back to good health and not the diet.

Stay on plan ( I am not saying go off plan!!) and take your medication but concentrate on losing weight once you are feeling better.


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hi - my best mate has lupus. she was diagnosed when she was 18...now 31. seen her through her ups and downs. she's had her fair share of steriods and has always gone quite bloated on them, but i imagine that depends on the strength of dose you're on. if you do bloat, don't get down as it's not fat and disappears as soon as you stop taking them.

just concentrate on being healthy for now and get yourself feeling a bit better. xxx
I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. All I can suggest is reducing your sodium intake to stop the fluid retention. And drink fluids. But I'm not a Dr so would check with him/her first before you try anything different, especially as Lupus can affect your kidneys. What about searching for a forum online where you can get advice?


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Sorry to hear you're not well sweetie. I'll be honest, don't know much about Lupus but hope your treatment works out well for you.

Though it wasn't steroids, my weight gain was, in large, down to medication. I say mainly because I went from being a size 8 gym fanatic to someone with no motivation as the weight crept on. I gave up - I ate rubbish cause I felt so down, which I think was a combo of not being in my routine and the weight gain. Though the meds were the cause of most of my 3 stone gain, it wasn't all down to them. I felt out of control about things and I'll be honest, I spent a time wallowing in a sad place and made things worse. SW turned my life around. Luckily, you know SW and this forum are here already so feel free to lean on us while you get back on track.

So my advice would be to stay on plan as has been said and don't give up. Put your health first but keep your eye on the ball. I didn't, and losing the extra weight has been hard.

Stay happy and put health first. SW has been around 40 years and isn't going anywhere, and nor are we xx
Sorry to hear you're ill, I hope it doesn't affect you too badly. Definitely don't give up on losing weight. I remember when I first joined SW, a lady who was on steroids also had joined. Her Dr had told her to give up any 'silly notion' of losing weight while on steroids. She was the stubborn type and decided she was going to lose weight anyway - and she did. In all honesty she stuck to the plan like glue, never deviating and if I recall she avoided syns. I don't know that that would be necessary but, if you can stick to the plan 100% you ought to be fine. The lady I knew lost over six stone. Good luck!
I would just like to say a big thankyou to all who have replied!

Only been on steriods for a few days and the pain in my hip is much better already but my tummy is SO bloated!!! I go to get weighed tomorrow so will have to see how I go on and perhaps have a chat with my consultant. I want to stay on plan and keep a check on any weight gain but dont like the idea of paying £4.95 a week to gain weight! I guess I will just have to stay with it for now and see how it goes, hopefully I should only be on steroids for 2 weeks and then got to have a review with the doctor again so fingers crossed.

Once again thank you for your support and I wish everyone a great week!!:):)


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I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and borderline Lupus, I take daily steroids, I am losing weight but it is a slow process usually around a 1lb a week, but at least it is coming off.

So all I can say to you is to stay focused on losing weight and not to be disappointed if you are a slow loser, the weight will come off.

Good luck to you with your Weight loss and the Lupus. X
Thanks Donnie. I am already a slow loser around 1lb a week before the steroids! Oh well just have to wait and see but I am definatley sticking to the diet. Thanks for your well wishes!
I have Lupus was diagnosed 15 years ago and have managed to loss 5stones has taken me 3 years but it can be done.I take Warfarin and steroids about twice a year.Steroids make you feel hungry but what I did was just fill up on freefoods.

Hi Diane, I am so pleased to hear from a few people on here who have Lupus. Do you mind me asking how it affects you, I only found out a couple of weeks ago and am still trying to digest information. I notice we are also the same height with the same goal. How long have you been doing Slimming World for? xx
Hi Diane, I am so pleased to hear from a few people on here who have Lupus. Do you mind me asking how it affects you, I only found out a couple of weeks ago and am still trying to digest information. I notice we are also the same height with the same goal. How long have you been doing Slimming World for? xx
I first had deep vein thrombosis x 3 and a pulmonary embilis,it also affects my joints mostly hips for who I see a rhuematologist.It has taken me 3 years to loss 5st and still have about 3 stones more to loss.

Hi Jessie, sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I have lupus and fibromyalgia amongst other things. I've been taking steroids for nearly 6 years now and I'm 2st heavier than I was before my diagnosis. I did lose 1st on a diet a couple of years ago but my weight has creeped up again so I'm trying SW this time. It can be done but it'll probably take longer than it does for a healthy person. Has your consultant put you on plaquenil? That's one I've been on since the beginning and it doesn't put on weight so you might find you could manage on that without the steroids once the inflammation settles down.

Good luck with your weight loss and if I can help at all, please just ask. :)


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How's it going with the weight loss? I have rheumatoid arthritis and take hydroxychloroquine (plaquenil), which hasn't affected my weight. I was too scared to go on steroids but have been finding high dose steroid injections really helpful. My weight loss has been fairly steady despite all of this. The benefit of steroids for me has been increased mobility, which helps shift the pounds. Part of why I gained so much was because I was basically totally immobile, I could hardly walk, let alone exercise.

All the best. x

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