Diagnosed with Lupus and put on steroids - Can I still lose weight??


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Hi, I have just been diagnosed with Lupus and been put on steriods hopfully just temporarily until the inflamation has gone down. I have been taking them for 4 days and feel really bloated and although I have stuck to the diet have gained weight so far although weigh in day is Tuesday.

Does anyone have any experience of dieting and steriods or Lupus at all, I could do with all the advice you could give me??

The steriods I am on are called Prednisolone. :wave_cry::wave_cry:
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All I know is that steroids are known for weight gain. I know thats not at all helpful! Stick with the plan then when you come off them and the bloating goes down you will be on track still.

I don't know a lot about Lupus but I was once shown the 'spoons' story. Look up Lupus spoons and have a read. x