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Diane53 checking in

Hi everyone - some of you may remember me from DH - I lost 6 stone in 2005 in 6 months - it changed my life completely - my husband followed suit and lost 3 stone - we became CD counsellors - made loads of new friends - moved to a bigger flat - live a healthier lifestyle - generally a much happier family - so many changes but the most important one was to my confidence - I no longer felt depressed - I had carried around 6 stone of depression. I love helping other people experience that now - I have been reading the posts about counsellors who don't maintain their weight loss - I used to be a social worker helping people with drug and alcohol addictions and didn't need to have been addicted myself to relate - because I also had an addiction - food! It wasn't going to potentially kill me quickly like drugs and alcohol but it was threatening my health and self-esteem and relationships. So..it has spurred me on to lose the weight I have put on. Losing two stone won't take long on this brilliant diet - it would be good to hear from counsellors who have also re-visited the diet and anyone else out there who would like to say hi - new friends or old.

Have a lovely weekend - the sun is shining and the birds are signing (and my toffee and walnut mousse tastes delicious).

CD Counsellor -
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Hi Dancing I just posted and lost it grr - my OH has just completed step 3 1000 and lose a stone in 2 weeks - he put on the weight over holidays and xmas - he doesn't eat emotionally as I do - I have always been a compulsive eater - when I stressed my brain switches off - and although I don't eat massive amounts of food I will graze eating stuff I wouldn't usually eat - I have learned so much about portion control as well as enjoying healthier food and seeing more fattening foods as treats - the packs are always there when I have overdone it - we are all human and of course even counsellors struggle - you have done very well Dancing - you must be feeling amazing.

CD Counsellor
Hi Diane lovely to see you here this is a great forum full of friendly peeps so you will get loads of support :)

Glad Andy is doing well and you are back on track trouble with Christmas and NYyear is:eatdrink051::eat: :party0016::whistle:then suddenly
:scale: :doh::cry:

Sending you loads of positive vibes:vibes::vibes:
Hi Linda - Dancing - Carol & Mrs D - thanks for the posts and encouragement - yes I think Jude should pop over here too although I still find it hard to locate posts - feels a much bigger virtual world over here as opposed to DH which is smaller and easier to get around - for instance the only way I could locate my thread was to search for my name - I looked on the CD Forum bit but couldn't see it - so many posts so much faster moving! Dancing I remember sitting in taxi and wondering why my bottom hurt - it was of course because I was no longer so well padded! I don't know how old you are but in my 50's I don't expect to have a great body especially after losing a lot of weight - however once I discovered M & S magic knickers and balconette bras I was happy - amazing how you can look sooo good with clothes on!!! Now I just need to do something about my turkey-neck which can only get worse with age - I know I notice it more than anyone lese and have thought fairly seriously about a lower face lift BUT my lovely nearly 14 year old is set against it - I understand as she sees it as unnecessary surgery which is always going to be a risk - as me and my OH work in a hospital we are well aware also of risks of getting hospital-caught infections. Still as I said in my first post life is so much better and being healthier and happier 'out-weights' all the negatives!!!

Have a lovely sunny Sunday.


CD Counsellor
Oops - missed you off my thanks list Delli - you have done well - must be feeling so much better - how sizes have you dropped?

CD Counsellor
men hey - they are so blessed to lose the weight so quickly.

And yes, thanks Diane- I do feel good .... I'm keep looking at my upper stomach (the bit below the boobs and above the waist line and just thinking WOW - how flat is that (in fact it is probably more concave and makes my boobs look huge). And this morning I looked at my hips and thought - wow, thin hips ... yes, I still have fat to lose but I am happy with how I am shaping up. Unfortunately nothing can be done about the bum which is nicely lowering itself toward the backs of my knees, or the boobs that fall a little lower than I'd like without a bra on. But I'd choose those two things being my main faults over a body that was as huge as mine, any day.

and the sun is shining so everything is right in the world
I'm with you all the way on this one! Could have been written by me! LOL!
Hi Dancing & Nikki - you both sound so happy - losing weight really does feel like a butterfly coming out of its chrysalis (if you know what I mean)!!!! A new beginning - please make sure you do maintenance to the letter - that is THE most important part of ANY diet.


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