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diary of a struggling bride

S: 17st5lb C: 16st8lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st11lb(4.53%)
Thought I would start my own diary on here to spur me on. This is my 3rd time trying cambridge and I am determined I will succeed this time as I am getting married in March 2012 for the 2nd time.

I want to feel fab and healthy not just for the wedding but all the time. I have struggled with my weight for soo long and its time I nipped it in the bud, and next year is also the BIG 40 so thats another big incentive.

Have read so many diaries on here and how well everyone has done that its really all you guys that are going to spurr me on.

Well its my 2nd day on ss I have been ok so far , I find drinking alot of water really hard but having the odd coke zero really helps.

The stupid thing is that Im not hungry at the moment all I can think about is food and that im going to FAIL!

Ive just got to train my brain that im not going to fail im going to SUCCEED.
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S: 13st5lb C: 9st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 22 Loss: 3st13lb(29.41%)
Well done on your re start, and on reaching day 2 - That's amazing right there, so give yourself a pat on the back, and tell yourself how proud you are of yourself for reaching day 2!
This diet isn't easy, but after the first couple of weeks, the days fly by, so do the weeks, and next thing you know the months are flying by!

All the best for your journey :)
You know what they say - 3rd time lucky :-D xxx
S: 18st2lb C: 16st13lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 39.4 Loss: 1st3lb(6.69%)
Hi hun, just popped in to say that I was about your weight a few months ago and started the CD for my own wedding in May this year!

Don't get me wrong, I still have a long (long) way to go, but I got into the dress I wanted a few weeks ago and feel a lot happier in myself - i found that after a week i was 'in the zone' and lost the urge to eat just for the sake of it - the hardest part was having a week off plan and a. being sensible when eating and b. getting back onto the plan again!!

BEST of luck, you have so much time to take it at your own pace and the weight will drop off, i promise! far quicker than any other diet as well. xoxox
S: 17st5lb C: 16st8lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st11lb(4.53%)
Thanks for the reply its nice to know you are not alone on this diet and that it REALLY does work.

Well its day 3 on the ss plan and to be honest I am feeling ok. Had the headache from hell last night so I just went to bed out of the way. Woke up this morning feeling absolutely shattered and to top it off its my totm which makes me feel really bloated, but onward and upward as they say.

I just want to get to Monday to get my first weigh in to spur me on and im glad its a morning appointment.

Sunday is going to be my hardest day as i LOVE my mothers Sunday dinner as luck has it I dont like what she is doing on Sunday so thats a bonus !!
S: 17st5lb C: 16st8lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st11lb(4.53%)
Well its day 4 nearly over with glad to see the headaches have gone and I dont feel so tied which is a good sign.

Did have a sneaky peak on the scales this morning and it is showing a 7lb loss which is fantastic hopefully I would LOVE it to get to 10lb by Monday but hey 7 is great anyway.

I AM going to SUCCEED this time its just so rewarding to see the numbers going down on the scale.
S: 17st5lb C: 16st8lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st11lb(4.53%)
Morning everyone its day 5 for me today and a saturday ARGHH I will be going to meet my mother soon to go shopping and she will be wondering why Im not having lunch so a little white lie is in order so will just say im trying to save money and I had lunch before I came out.

If I tell her she will only say im wasting my money and I wont stick to it so will keep it to myself for the time being.

Went to see cdc this morning to change some bars and she asked if I wanted to weigh, I stayed strong and said no I would rather wait till Monday hopefully I will have a nice surprise then.

Went on the powerplate for 10 mins, am trying to go on it twice a week to help me shape up as the pounds go down.

Well off shopping now will look at lovely clothes and dream of a smaller size instead at looking at naughty food which got me to this size in the first place.



this time - the last time
S: 16st6lb C: 11st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 32 Loss: 4st10lb(28.7%)
Hello. Just catching up with your diary. Stay string today, and your WI tomorrow will be great!

I also use power plates. I attend 4 25minute classes a week. I am constantly in pain (!) but I've had great inch loss!

Good luck tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.
S: 17st5lb C: 16st8lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st11lb(4.53%)
Day 6 on the cd.

Cant wait for weigh in tomorrow to see hoe I have done. Am soo chuffed that I have no more hunger pangs no headaches and have a bit more energy.

Well I did tell my mum and sister yesterday that I am doing cambridge and SURPRISE SURPRISE I had why are you wasting money, and you wont stick to it, just as I expected.

But I stayed strong and positive and said it WILL work and I WONT quit all she needs to ask me every Monday is how have you one, fair play I think she could see I meant it and she agreed to be supportive.

Dont think I drunk enough water yesterday so need to up my intake today.

Though I would find today really hard as I love my mums Sunday dinners but im ok and it does help that she is making something I dont like.

Thanks to you all who read and reply to my diary you dont realise how much more of an incentive it gives me and to see all our losses it shows that this diet REALLY DOES WORK
S: 12st12lb C: 12st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 31.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
well done thats such a good loss hun :)x


this time - the last time
S: 16st6lb C: 11st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 32 Loss: 4st10lb(28.7%)

That's a great start. Fingers crosses you'll get to your first stone next week!

Keep at it!
S: 17st5lb C: 16st8lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st11lb(4.53%)
Thanks everyone was really chuffed a great start to the week.

And well done to everyone else out there we are all doing so well.

Well its Day 8 not too bad went shopping today and my partner was putting goodies in which wasnt too bad until I watched him eat a chocolate bar about 10 mins ago, I wanted to rip it out of his hand and stuff it in my mouth the only thing I really miss on this diet is chocolate I LOVE chocolate and im sorry to say that I bought choc chip muffins for my son and pinched a choc chip off one of them, how stupid am I. It was tiny but it was calling to me big time, am not going to beat myself up about it like I would normally do and the end of the day there are going to be hiccups along the way.

Well I have decided to do ss+ didnt really want to do it every day just weekends but im under the impression its all or nothing. Im hoping it doesnt affect my weight loss too much , it shouldnt really because im still having minimal calories anyway, well I will give it a shot for the week to see how I go.

So going to have 2 eggs with some mushrooms so an omelette is on the cards me thinks x
S: 17st7lb C: 16st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st8lb(3.27%)
You should be fine to do ss+ just weekends. It gives you something to look forward to and shouldn't affect your losses!