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  1. FluffyandAngry

    FluffyandAngry Full Member

    I started my renewed attempt at sole sourcing on 12th January 2013 after many months away from it. I have struggled many times to start CD again and had to have a big break from it to feel motivated again (not to mention a considerable weight gain). Am turning 35 in May, at which point I need to have shed almost 4 stone.

    Day 1

    After stuffing my face for 4 days before Day 1, I found the first day very hard with major carb withdrawal. Got a fricking sore throat and head cold on Day 1 too. This normally would have given me an excuse to terminate my attempt but i persevered and spent the whole day in bed with an Evian sports bottle and my 3 choc tetras. Did not drink anywhere near enough water. Experimented with Earl Grey tea which made me want to hurl. Peppermint was better.

    Day 2

    Possibly the worst day of my week so far. Struggled with a rumbly tummy, felt like a giant windbag. Tried to fill windbag with 2.25 litres of water semi-successfully. Am regretting decision to order 4 weeks worth of choc tetras meaning I actually need to drink 3 litres of water. Craving something savoury, ate a tiny bit of salt.

    Day 3

    Had a dream last night that I had a major binge in several bakeries/patisseries somewhere on the continent. Woke up and was relieved that this wasn't the case. Took a sicky off work.

    Day 4

    Still off sick from work. Spent most of the day in bed, bar going out to buy Kleenex. Stomach still rumbling, still a windbag, but did better with the water (2 litres).

    Spent a considerable portion of the day looking at, almost went for a frozen kebab, but decided to play Assassins Creed 3 on the PS3 for 3 hours instead (better than knitting).

    Bought a Morphy Richards One Cup kettle boiler thing online to cheer me up, this may help my water struggle.

    Day 5

    Still sick but feel more normal today. Rediscovered MiniMins; went through all the possible things one can do with a choc tetra. Decided to freeze a couple and eat like ice cream. Semi-frozen was better, poked a hole in it and squeezed out semi-frozen choc ice, ignored the poo-like look of it.

    Woman has breath today so think I'm in ketosis, nothing to wee on to confirm. Ordered some sticks from Amazon.

    A forum post reminded me of Marigold Bouillon, will be buying first thing tomorrow to sate savoury craving and to prevent high-blood pressure on salt licks.

    To be continued tomorrow (today). Yes I have insomnia too.
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  3. FluffyandAngry

    FluffyandAngry Full Member

    Day 6

    First day at work on diet today. The freezing conditions are not helping. Craved toast and meat all day. Went out and bought the veg bouillon which was amazingly savoury and comforting. It will be my saviour for the next fortnight. Pondering where to weigh myself on Saturday at one week point. CDC not coming for another two weeks. Considering Boots but feel like a giant blob with fluorescent lights pointing at me when in there on the scales.

    Was ratty at work, need to behave tomorrow.
  4. ayshaahmad

    ayshaahmad Gold Member

    It is sooo hard getting back on track, i am at the same point as you, had about 4 months off, gained loads back, got holiday and birthday in May so want that off by then! The weather so doesnt help, its too cold to drink water and i have been having black coffee or peppermint tea!
    Keep at it and lets crack this and hope you feeling better soon!
  5. Sammy_jayne

    Sammy_jayne New Member

    I'm now on week 3, also suffered with sore throats and colds in my first 2 weeks feel alot better now though, it gets alot easier :) especially when u see the results!
  6. FluffyandAngry

    FluffyandAngry Full Member

    Day 7

    It snowed today, went to work. I work in a building with no lift, and with an office on the 4th floor. Finding the climb much harder than normal (due to lack of glycogen perhaps). After two hours of being at work, was told to go home, yay. Went to my parent's house for the first time since starting the plan. Got my sister to tell my mum about the fact that I was on it and not to make a fuss. No fuss was made. Took my bouillon with me, helped a lot. Was meant to weigh self there (no scales at home) but forgot. Thinking I might wait until the end of week 3 when I see my counsellor/consultant to see a huge drop (and hopefully a couple of inches off the waist).
  7. FluffyandAngry

    FluffyandAngry Full Member

    Yay someone is reading :) You did very well Aysha, so can do so again! It's all about being in the zone isn't it. If you're in it then nothing can stop you. Tea and coffee is better than the water, which is now boring me to death already, but I'm now counting the bouillon towards my water intake too.

    Good luck with your restart and keep in touch x
  8. FluffyandAngry

    FluffyandAngry Full Member

    Thanks Sammy, I haven't weighed myself yet, even though I'm at the end of week 1, going to leave it until end of week 3 when I am being seen by my consultant, but can already see the difference with loosening of clothes and my stomach not being in the way so much!
  9. ayshaahmad

    ayshaahmad Gold Member

    Wow i cant go 3 weeks without seeing my cdc she is my lifeline and the longer i dont see her for i really struggle as i think its ages till i see her so cheat, but thats just in my head, you are doing so well, i know what u mean about lack of energy it takes me at least 2 weeks before i get that energy feeling in me and then i am unstoppable and just want to clean and walk everywhere lol
    I still havent told my parents i am on this diet, i dont see them very often so dont have to worry, when i lost the weight before i just said it was healthy eating and excercise the less people that know is for the better with me!!
    Keep at it hun, u will see a great loss after 3 weeks!!!!
  10. FluffyandAngry

    FluffyandAngry Full Member

    My CDC is mobile, so can't come every week as he's not particularly local, but its a huge timesaver me as I'm working full-time as well as doing a masters part-time; plus I'm not home a great deal in any case! Started the diet partly because of all the stress, and knowing that this might cause me to pile on even more weight over the next few months!

    It is better to avoid the conversation altogether with some people, but I find that telling a few people makes me more afraid of failure and adds a little (much needed) pressure to stick to it. My colleagues at work are great, and did encourage me with the water drinking late last week by making me down it when I was moaning about wanting some meat in the cold. However, we all do what's best for us!

    Thanks for the support, I shall continue my rants on here, and post my weight-loss in another two weeks!
  11. FluffyandAngry

    FluffyandAngry Full Member

    Day 8

    Day 8

    For the first time, I achieved my correct water intake (3 litres). I had a combination of the bouillon and peppermint, ceylon (love it!) and regular tea to help me along my way. I was at home all day essay writing which helped matters. Plus drinking water was a handy distraction method from the essay. Did notice my skin glowing today (vits? mins? water?), but it may all be in my head.

    To my delight I fitted comfortably into a pair of jeans that were slightly too difficult to do up a couple of weeks ago. Also bought some knee-high boots in the sale that did not do up to the calf, tried today and got the right one to do up and the left one is almost there, hoorah. Hoping for more cold weather so I can fit into them properly and wear them for a bit.

    Two more weeks until I see CDC. I'm guesstimating a weight loss of 10 pounds this week based on clothes and things, but I'm waiting until the official one so I can register a giant drop.
  12. FluffyandAngry

    FluffyandAngry Full Member

    Day 9

    I had a wobbly today, but a sensible one. Felt ridiculously hungry and my stomach WOULD NOT STOP rumbling, and so at 10pm I had some quorn with green beans, which I suppose makes it a SS+ day. I don't feel completely terrible about it as it could have been. Tomorrow is another day..
  13. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Hi read your posts and wondered how you are today, as you mentioned that you struggled a little yesterday! I am on day 20 and this is my second time around! looking forward to my 3 week weigh in! I could not do what you are and only get weighted every three weeks! Good luck you can do this! x
  14. FluffyandAngry

    FluffyandAngry Full Member

    Aw thanks Teresa, I've put the details below in my diary entries for Days 10 and 11 :)
  15. FluffyandAngry

    FluffyandAngry Full Member

    Days 10 and 11

    So yesterday I continued with the SS+ plan, had two tetras then two eggs, spinach and mushroom for dinner. Felt completely stuffed, then forced down a third tetra to get all my nutrients!

    Today I could have done without a meal to be honest. I went out for coffee with someone on my course after a gruelling mental session, had a large skinny latte with sugar-free vanilla at Caffe Nero. It has the same amount of carbs as a tetra and fewer calories, so I swapped it for my third tetra (naughty I know, doesn't have all the vits and mins, I know I know!). Plus had two poached eggs with broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms (yes, it is a weird combo) for dinner.

    I have also been reading about Slim and Save recently, which has lots of rave reviews for the flavours of the packs. It appears to be like Cambridge's SS+ where you have four packs a day, maximum of one bar a day, plus the option of having hydrated meals. Have ordered a sample pack to see what its like, I will use this from Saturday onwards, will need to use up my tetras along the way, so will have three of the S&S packs plus a choc tetra (have checked nutritional values which are very similar to those of S&S shakes). It will, at the very least, give me the variety that I so desperately need next week. Have to think carefully about doing without a CDC though...
  16. FluffyandAngry

    FluffyandAngry Full Member

    Days 12 and 13

    Carried on with the ss+ over the last two days, have been having no added sugar squash, maybe a few too many veggies with my meal and bouillon, but nothing has affected ketosis so far. So far I've only had cottage cheese and eggs, will move onto the other options soon. I do feel hungrier on ss+ than I did on ss, and come home desperate for a meal! But do feel much saner.
  17. FluffyandAngry

    FluffyandAngry Full Member

    Day 14

    Had my WW scales delivered to work today, was hesitant about using them after two weeks on the plan(s) due to TOTM coming up, but did anyway....and I shouldn't have. A loss of 7 pounds in 2 weeks!! I know it's a lot more than that as I have noticed the drop in so many ways, knee high boots almost fitting around the calves, smaller face, and everything fitting better. I'm sure I will see a much larger drop next week.
  18. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Hi Hun I am sure you have done well it maybe as they are different scales your TOTM or water retention! When is you official weigh in ?

    Keep at it Hun I am sure you will be pleased with the results in the end! X
  19. FluffyandAngry

    FluffyandAngry Full Member

    Thanks Teresa :) I weighed myself yesterday morning and I was actually down 10lbs so that's the weight loss I'm taking! It was the same place my CDC measured me in, so hopefully it's correct. Have lost an inch from the waist too so I know it's working.

    My CDC was due to come over next Saturday but I'm thinking about switching to Slim and Save to *save* some money, although it comes with no consultant so need to give it some thought.
  20. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Wow 10lb that's fantastic we'll done you! Yes I have heard about slim & save not looked at it myself! Stick around though be good to see how you are doing x

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