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Diced Steak - what do you do with yours ?

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by gwen456, 6 February 2012 Social URL.

  1. gwen456

    gwen456 Member

    Along with hopiefully losing weight, i'm teaching myself to cook !! so what do you do with diced steak ? whats your fav recipe or way of cooking it ? the SW way of course..

    Thank you

    Gwen x
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  3. JackieN

    JackieN Gold Member

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    Slowly cutting out refined sugar and cooking more from scratch
    I always make a stew. a pack of casserole veggies ( or whatever veggies you like) oxo cube, I also add a knorr stock pot beef one, diced beef, tin baked beans if you like them and cook on low or in the slow cooker :D
  4. bilsat

    bilsat Really likes to cook

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    Pete’s Beef Stroganoff

    Serves 4


    400g Sainsbury’s extra lean casserole steak, sliced into strips
    2 onions, sliced (s)
    2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
    150g button mushrooms (s)
    1tsp paprika
    1tbsp Worcester sauce
    1 Knorr herb stock pot
    1 Knorr beef stock pot made into 250g stock
    1 pack of Schultz garlic, mushroom & cream sauce (4.5 syn/4=1.125 syns each)
    350mL skimmed milk (3syn/4=0.75 syn each)
    300g long grain rice
    1 chilli, finely chopped & de-seeded (s)
    Cupful of frozen peas (ss)


    Place the beef into the freezer for 30-45 mins to stiffen it, remove & slice into thin strips, cook dry in a frying pan until browned, remove & set aside.

    Spray the frying pan with Fry Light and sweat the onions, chilli & garlic, add the button mushrooms & cook for a few minutes, add the Knorr Herb stock pot, mix well until the herbs are infused.

    Add the beef, mix well, and add beef stock. Make up the sauce mix as per the instructions on the packet and when it starts to thicken, add to the beef & mushrooms, mix well add the paprika, Worcester sauce, (At this point you could place ingredients in a slow cooker and leave to slow cook.) seasoning & cook for 20-30 mins. Put the peas in 5 mins before serving.

    Measure the amount of rice required, add 3 times the amount of water, add rice & cook for 20 mins, or until the water has gone, removed when cooked, place in a sieve & place the sieve on the saucepan and cover with a lid, allow to steam for a few minutes, until the beef is ready.

    Serve on a bed of rice.


    Pete’s Beef Curry Dopiaza-2

    Serves 4


    225g long grain rice
    400g chopped tomatoes (s)
    450g stewing steak with the fat removed
    ½ tsp asafetida powder
    ½ tsp fenugreek powder
    1tsp coriander seeds
    1tsp cumin seeds
    1tsp turmeric powder
    1tsp garam masala
    1 cup of peas (ss)
    2tsp curry powder
    4 large onions, 2 finely chopped, 2 sliced (s)
    4 cardamom seeds
    2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
    Knorr Dark Stock pot with 300mL water


    In a mortar & pestle, crush the seeds and set to one side.
    Dry fry the meat to remove the fat, cook until brown then set aside.
    Fry the finely chopped onions in a saucepan sprayed with Fry Light, add the fenugreek powder, cook the onions until brown, add the garlic, return the meat to the pan, and add the crushed spices and the other spices, except the garam masala.
    (Boil the 2 remaining onions until cooked then set aside.)
    Cook the meat for 10mins then add the tomatoes, cook for 40mins then add the boiled onions, peas, garam masala and cook for a further 5mins, serve with rice.


    Or if you have a slow cooker................

    Pete’s Slow Cooker Goulash

    Serves 4 people

    1Ib Braising steak all fat removed, cut into chunks
    1 Large onion, roughly chopped (s)
    400g mushrooms sliced (s)
    2 cloves garlic crushed
    1 Tbsp Paprika
    1 large Carrot roughly chopped (s)
    1 Celery Stick (s)
    1 Bayleaf
    350g Passata (s)
    1 Knorr Beef Stock Pot
    ½ Pt water
    Salt & Pepper
    Splash of Worcester Sauce

    1 Red pepper chopped & deseeded
    1 Green pepper chopped & deseeded
    Jar of flame grilled roasted peppers in vinegar drained and chopped


    Spray a frying pan with Fry light and heat up, place the meat in the pan and brown it, stirring it to prevent it sticking.
    Meanwhile switch the slow cooker on high.
    When meat is browned then place into slow cooker and add all the other ingredients including a pint of the beef stock. Add Salt & Pepper & A splash of Worcester Sauce
    When boiling, turn down to the lowest setting , replace the lid and leave as long as you like but at least 2 Hrs.
    If it is too thick then add more water as required.

    Serve with

    400g pasta of your choice.
    or Your favourite Veg
  5. interested92

    interested92 Silver Member

    curry! omg curry!
    you can do this all in one day, but I like to marinade the meat overnight.

    overnight method:

    take curry spices you enjoy, either a pre mixed powder, a paste, one you've ground yourself, whatever. fry off lightly in a little tiny bit of oil. frylight does not work for this bit. if you're a novice, start with a mild curry powder. just a bog standard one, then as you get more confident you can fiddle with flavours.

    pour this fried spice mix over the beef cubes along with some crushed garlic.

    next day:
    chop and fry two onions in some frylight. move them occasionally, but make sure they go as brown as you can get them. this will take a long time to cook them and brown them and not burn them, but it's worth it.
    chuck them in a casserole dish. in the same pan, fry off the spiced beef, do this slowly just until it's "sealed" (changes colour). if you brown it you may go too far and burn the spices.

    put the beef in the casserole dish and pour over a tin of tomatoes to every 500g beef, a little more curry powder, a little more garlic and a beef stock cube or two depending on taste, and a squirt of tomato paste.

    bake in oven on 150 dec C for 3-4 hours.

    taste it after 3 hours. if the beef is tender, it's done. check your seasoning and adjust to taste.

    one day method:
    do the same as above but don't leave the beef in the spices overnight lol.

    this can be done in a slow cooker, but allow 6-8 hours to tenderise the beef, and personally I prefer the baked taste the tomatoes get in the oven.
  6. OpalLilyEats

    OpalLilyEats Gold Member

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    There's a really nice spicy beef recipe for diced steak in the SW mag - I'm going to make it this week, looks yum!
  7. gwen456

    gwen456 Member

    thank you everyone...

    Gwen x
  8. Chipmunk89

    Chipmunk89 but you can call me Toni!

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    Slimming World
  9. geraldine2011

    geraldine2011 Member

    i like to do the spiced beef and red pepper stew. very tasty. even kids liked it served with mash
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