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Did anyone else see this?

Hi everyone :)

Have just watched Professor Regan's Diet Clinic on BBC iPlayer as I missed it on Thursday night. Did anyone else watch it? Found it very interesting to see how the diet and food industry works, and especially how little science is involved sometimes (I'm a scientific researcher myself so it interests me anyway)!

Jen x
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Gone fishing
Just started watching this on catch-up tv. How on earth did I miss it on Thursday:eek:

I've seen Prof Regan before. Found her to be really down to earth.

Right...back to the telly :D
Oh no! I meant to watch that! pook :(


Gone fishing
I watched it in the early hours of this morning. Very well put together. Oh, still love Prof Reagan :D

Not a lot that I didn't know, but very well explained.

The carrot 'experiment' was very interesting and really goes along with my belief that we need a wide range of not only different foods, but different ways of preparing them to get the most benefit out of each thing rather than getting hung up on 'raw and unprocessed foods are always better' theory.

After all, they say tinned toms are better than fresh from antioxidant viewpoint. Cook them in olive oil and you get even more benefit from the tomatoes as they release more lypocene.

Loved her diet pill experiment :D Just goes to show how clever the mind is :D


soon to be skinny minnie
Will need to catch up with this later, i can't believe i missed it!!!


Gone fishing
Carrot experiment? Is there a reason this should be watched in the early hours?!
Yes, for the night vision. You have to watch it in the dark, chewing on a raw carrot to get the best out of the programme:cool:
I saw a clip on GMTV, I think one test showed that processed carrots in tins actually made the nutrients easier for our bodies to process.

Wish I'd seen the whole thing though. Tsk!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I forgot about it too! Thanks for the reminder. Just watched it, I couldn't do 2 weeks on maple syrup and lemon. &lbs! That's acheivable with SW without the angst! (the cat was cute tho!)
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