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Did you do the cd prep b4 starting


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Just wondering how many of you done the CD prep before actually starting the CD? What i mena is reduce your carb and calorie intake before the big starting day ??

Just curious lol

No - I went totally cold turkey.... My last supper was bottle of rose, jacket potato, peanut salad and huge slab of steak... Followed by some cheese, crisps and a handful of Quality Street.... Seems such a long time ago now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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nah, just got stuck in! i didnt feel too bad for jumping from carbs carbs carbs to 3 shakes a day so maybe i was a lucky one.


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LOL, yep same here i had my last supper of Chicken Korma,rice,nann bread,popadoms and half a pack of custard creams. I did'nt cut down at all before the day although i did get into drinking water about 2 months before.


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Last year when i started i did cut down on my cofee intake as aprt of the whole overall muat stop drinking a million cups a day had horrendous caffine withdrawl shakes, giddyness, and headaches.
this time round to he honest have done no preperation apart from brought some pain killers for the haeadache carb withdrawl, and upped my water intake.

I would recomend any one starting to do CD to cut back on the carbs, dont give up tea or coffee but start drinking it black with or without sweetners (tablet) and up the water.

Day before i started had 4 hot cross buns two sausage rolls and 2 mars bars (me bad)

Most of all look forward to the new slimmer you.

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hi as with everyone else i had a huge blow out with pizza,chineese and kfc,yes all 3 lol i went strait into the diet and didnt have any side effects at all,i felt i needed to get all my cravings out of the way first !!
Same as Dancing here , cut out carbs, upped the water and lost 4lbs on prep week. Had a smooth transistion into cambridge, as I had the no carbs headache on prep week not on cd. I was already in ketosis on day one, less of a shock to the system that way.

I think your cdc is supposed to advise you to do this before you start.



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I tried to.. I cut out caffeine, so I got most of my headaches out the way!! and I tried to cut down on carbs, which I mostly managed.. except for half a pack of biccies on the last day!!! but other than feeling hungry on day 2/3 I settled into SS really quickly :)
No - went to Spain for a friend's 40th and ate/drank anything and everything! I couldn't miss this, so started straight on CD on the Monday after.


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I did.... I was so eager to start but could'nt see my CDC till the 7th Jan!
I wanted to mark the 1st day of the year so upped the water and cut out the carbs, has some Atkins bars (as a treat;))
Lost 10lbs the week before I started CD....however my 1st CD weigh in wasn't as high as my CD expected but then I explained I had been 'prepping'!

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