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Did you have a 'last supper'? (Just for fun!)


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I didn't and reckon I had an easier time of the first three days as a result.

Apart from the switch from milk/sugar (coffee) to black/sweeteners...! That was harsh...lol. Worse than waiting to go into ketosis. Probably just me!
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I did lol Chicken korma , rice , nann bread and ben & jerrys to finish. I felt really sick afterwards lol Dont miss it at all though.
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I did I had erm KFC, Macdonalds chocolate and stuffed myself silly lol
the first time before i started i had a mexican meal with loads of tortillas and afters , had major headaches and felt rough going into ketosis and then the second time i started (after baby ) i cut down on carbs before starting and didnt have a huge meal the night before and felt alot better going into ketosis

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I finished the Christmas cake(My favourite treat!!) and then got to work a week later to discover they had almost a whole one!!!And 9 weeks later it is still sitting in a tin on the corner of the worktop!!!
Oh and I also had my last bottle of diet coke!
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I started on a Monday and my last "proper" meal was my mum's fab lamb pilau and chicken curry. Just fish & steamed veg the night before.

I really miss fruit & veg on CD :(


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I was very good all day (fruit for brekkie), cottage cheese salad for lunch and then dinner ....

..... mmmm crispy dusk pancakes. I tucked away 9 :eek::D. They were delicious though!!

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I had a quorn mince pie, mash, peas & gravy & it was lovely :D
Not sure what i had after that but im pretty sure it would have been chocolate, like a twix or 2 :eek:

Oh how i miss my quorn mince pie, mash, peas & gravy :(


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mmmmmm i start cd tomorrow.. last supper, now what can i have lol!


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My last supper was

Lasted weeks....actually..months:eek:


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My last supper was

Lasted weeks....actually..months:eek:


I went over to see a friend and passed a mickey d's......the last mickey d's I had was 6 years ago. I just drove in and ordered a big mac meal and ate it all! Didn't even like it that much.


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OM g- I had a few days of last suppers-not big ones but things I fancied and thought I might get craving for .After all I knew it'd be a year before I could eat anything naughty at all!!
I had sausage and mash, a chinese takeaway, an indian takeaway, cheescake, a roast dinner and some chocolate. Realised then that I gone off chocolate- and a fish and chips.


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My first time around when I did LL I had a week of Last Suppers.....:eek: Including:

Pizza, curry, chippy chips, etc....

My first group meeting was on a Sunday so after I came out I decided my last supper would be a jacket potato (large one of course...:rolleyes:) with tesco ready made egg mayonnaise and cheese.... I had this with a big salad followed by a mango and then later cheesecake and chocolate oh and washed down with lashings of pepsi max....:eek:

Because I'd done Atkins a couple of years before and had suffered really really badly with carb withdrawal (headaches and actual vomiting...:eek:)... I decided that for the first 5 days of LL that I would take solphedine every 4 hours whether I had a headache or not and this actually stopped me gettin the carb withdrawal headache which I'm certain would have been horrendous considering the amount of carbs I'd eaten...:eek:

Where in Cov are you Ruthie??? (I live by the hospital) I go to see Ali in Radford... is she your CDC???? Good luck on your journey chick...:D

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