Did you tell people you were on a VLCD to begin with?


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Hi all,

Did you tell anyone you were starting a VLCD at the beginning of your journey? I am due to start in a couple of days, and already the people I have told, are very negative... ie.. oooh you won't stick to that etc..

Wondering if its worth waiting now until they notice the weight loss, then tellling them..

What did you ??
Hi Angela

The only person I told was my DH, and my closest family after a couple of weeks. Most of the people I work with never knew I followed a VLCD - the only one that did was full of hatred about the whole thing, couldn't understand why I couldn't lose weight the normal way!! Seven stone later, they have NEVER seen me eat, never commented on my loss, and wouldn't recognise a CD bar as different to a normal choccy bar if I threw it at them! :p
I told people right from the start. Of course, I got some negativity initially ... 'You'll never be able to stick to it' or 'That can't be good for you' or 'It's faddy - you'll just put the weight right back on' but as far as I was concerned, I was at rock bottom and had to take drastic action so they could think what they liked.

I researched the diet thoroughly before I embarked upon it and because I was 100% confident that it was safe and effective, their arguments fell on deaf ears. My success so far has quietened all the critics and also created some converts who are now also on CD!

What's important to me is that I'm doing the best I can to reclaim my health and my life. If what I'm doing is OK by me then that's all that matters. :)

Debbie x

Rules for life:
1. Don't sweat the small stuff.
2. It's ALL small stuff! ;)
7 stone later and no one commented, they must be blind or stupid!!!!!!
I wasnt going to tell anyone at first, not even my mum but not going for Sunday Lunch every week may have been a give away!
Now my husband knows, my mum and dad, and my staff, after a few negatives, they have all realised that I am happy, and have loads of energy, its my first time on CD, and I'd say tell some, not a lot but some, because the ones you think arent going to support you usually are the ones that are with you all the way!
I'm on day 11 and its good, I have some ups, and some downs but on the whole, after the first few "ooo bit drastic innit" comments and a few thinking that I was going to collapse in a heap everyone has been great.
Debbie, you are so right, I researched and thought so much about this, I was 100% confident and I know its going to happen for me.
Angela, I wish you all the luck in the universe and we all will be behind you, its true what they say, this diet does work and after the first 4 days you will be rocking!!!!!
I look forward to reading your posts and watching the weight fall off for you.
If you do have any negative friends then do what I do, prove em wrong, its such a good feeling knowing you are right:D
I know I'm a cow but hey, ive been waiting 15 yrs for a diet like this, I always wanted to wake up thin and this is the closest I will ever get.
Good Luck hunx x
Lol, nope they're just accountants - they see numbers not people!! ;)

No offence to other accountants out there!! :p
I only told DH to start with. My kids didn't realise I wasn't eating with them for a good 3 months:eek:

Colleagues noticed enough to comment after I had lost about 3-4 stone.

Kids at school noticed after 5 stone :D (and that was only one kid!)

So...no...didn't feel the need to tell them until they asked a few too many questions. Usually I could get away with a quick "I'm dieting" if they asked how I lost it.

I also went away to have my shakes. Never had them in front of anyone except family.
D_Q PMSL!!!!!!

Shame they couldnt see how many pounds was in 7 stone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cant wait to be in the same weight lose band as you, feeling good today.

Hope all are well.

I told anyone that would listen

When they proceeded to tell me that I would never stick to it, it spurred me on to prove them wrong. I'm very stubborn!

You must do what feels right for you, but remember that there is no shame in following a VLCD though others who don't understand often seem to want to make us feel ashamed

Stepping, quietly off soap box!

i agree 100%, and dont step off your soap box quietly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Initially I told my husband and I warned my kids and staff that I may be grumpy lol - also I work in a very small office, and it will be damn obvious so decided to be honest.

I deliberated telling my mum but we go there for dinner each week so thought I better had, I thought she may be negative but she has been great. She told my sister who told my brother in law.

After a couple of weeks I told my in-laws as I missed something important at brownies and asked them to go in my place, they have been none-commital.

One of my naturally slim friends told me I just needed to eat healthily (really, god had I known it was that simple I would have done it years ago).

A couple of other friends know but only because we had been invited for dinner and I wanted to go but not eat!

I choose who I tell, ie, there are some friends who don't know as I know they wouldn't be supportive and my brother in law doesn't know as he is a pratt and his wife is worse so there is no point as I don't intend to justify myself to them.
there is no shame in following a VLCD though others who don't understand often seem to want to make us feel ashamed
I agree wholeheartedly, but it did give me a few months of peace to get my head around it.:D

It also gave more me clout when I did start going into detail as they could see that whatever I was doing was working...and hey...I was still alive:eek: Fancy that ;)
I told a few friends and got the 'don't make yourself ill' and 'poor you' comments and when friends round eating biscuits etc they said 'sorry you must be starving'

I feel great, my nails are growing at an alarming rate my skin is good from the vitamins and water, and although people won't believe me i'm
:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
canireallydothis!! said:
D_Q PMSL!!!!!!

Shame they couldnt see how many pounds was in 7 stone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cant wait to be in the same weight lose band as you, feeling good today.

Just keep at it Vicky, it'll happen!! ;)
I told everybody that mattered and now those that were just aquaintances and hadn't been briefed have been asking what's going on and then I have to make a concious decision to shut up preaching after 20-30 mins :rolleyes:

I just took the 'My doctor recommended it' route with everyone and big upped the councilling and route to management bits to reassure everyone that this is a serious business to get me set for life.

I also made it VERY plain to those close to me exactly what I needed from them in terms of support and I have not been disappointed very often on that front :D

I have a 3 year old daughter and told her that my food packs are my medicine and that is all mummy needs to have. I didn't want the word 'diet' used in front of her or my weight to be made an issue. She is young enough to accept everything and not even think too much about her rapidly shrinking mummy for which I am grateful :)
I didn't tell anyone except M.D to begin with. Obviously had to say something to family/close friends, but let them think my doctor had recommended CD - wasn't such a big fib as my BP was up for the first time ever and I'd been strongly advised to lose weight - just felt it would be tough enough at the start without having to cope with negative comments.

Think this helped enormously as by the time people at work noticed - about 3st down the line !!!! - I was confident enough to tell them. I do get a few negative looks/comments - seems to go with the territory when you do VLCD's - but the proof is in the pudding and most people are fantastically complimentary
I stopped people in the street and told them! I wanted everyone to know so that I couldn't fail cos then I'd look a right plonker! lol
Thank you all so much for the responses, you are all so great! Never had so much support!

I have told close family members, but going to avoid workmates/other friends/in laws etc until the weight loss is noticable, so when they start with the negativity I can say.. well, 3 stone good already, can't be that bad can it!!

Thanks again
Hi Ajax - good morning, hun!
I got my knicks in a twist sometimes, when faced with the negativity (which really was only from a handful of people and that soon stopped when they saw me shrink before their very eyes) so I found it best just to say - "My GP says it's perfectly safe and I've never felt better in my life".
That usually shuts them up.
If not, look at them askew, up and down and enquire if THEY would like the number of your CDC!


I only told hubby at first, kids didn't notice for quite some time and after about 3 weeks I told my closest friend and my sister - in fact nearly 7 months down the line I haven't told very many people at all. My logic was that I didn't want to be judged and that actually this was all about ME this time!! and not what other people thought or didn't think. Obviously people have asked (teenagers at school don't shut up about it!!!) but I just say I'm dieting rigorously!!!

Louise x