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Didn't give up afterall!

Well, guys.

I just went for my first weigh in and I lost 9lbs in the first week - so now according to some government pen pusher I am no longer about to die - just mildly fat!!!

Anyway, after the weigh in they gave me 8 more sachets of filth for the re-feed bacause I'd had enough. On the way home I decided that I would use those 8 sachets to continue the treatment until Thursday night and then go back for another weigh in on Friday and start the re-feed on Friday am. I AM NOT DOING ANOTHER WEEKEND!!

So thats the story so far!

Just to re-cap

Start weight on 22nd June: 110kg - (242lbs) 17.2 stone
Weight today (29th June):106.4kg - (234lbs) 16.7 stone

Not as good as some (many!) but still pretty chuffed, I now have to use another hold on my belt - so quite happy!
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Positivity is the key
Hi Ben,
glad to hear it, see how it goes this week.....just maybe by Friday you may still want to be with us longer eh! Congrats on a great weight loss.
You did make me laugh with your "8 more sachets of filth" comment. How can you be positive when you look at it like that ??? Come on change your wording so your brain will hear it differently ok try 8 more sachets of fuel, or 8 more sachets of nutrients or 8 more sachets of fat free food. Any takers here!
Wishing you all the best this week, fingers crossed you will still be with us after Friday.
Best of luck


A little of everything!
Mine is 'medicine' to make me slim.:p;)


Positivity is the key
Good lad,
you are getting there!


A little of everything!
LOL!! I wish!!

Think positive....:vibes::vibes::vibes:


Silver Member
well done ben, take it a day at a time. I found weekends the hardest some more than others. try and keep occupied if you feel you can carry on, cos its so worth it.


dancing queen ;)
Hi, well done and nice to see you are sticking with us just a bit longer :)
You know Ben, this is something you don't have to do forever. I mean not that you have to do it at all, if you are happy now, but if not, if you'd just put your mind at it for the while that it takes, then I think, you'd be even more chuffed. ;)
I am trying to just take one day at a time, and suddenly, it is already next week...you know time flies. And, if a few days go wrong,just get back on track after that.lol Okay, maybe I don not know what I am talking about here, as I am not on Lipo Trim.lol Actually, just a thought, but maybe you'd be happier loosing weight in a different way? There are so many ways, and I believe, some agree with some people more than with others.lol


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Ben

Well done, I am so pleased you stuck with it. I remember when I first went to the pharmacy..I was all geared up and knew I had to do this...but after week one, I thought, mmmm..can I do this..I am going to take it one week at a time. Even the pharmacist said this to me. It was like a get out clause, but in my mind it wasnt for ever.

Now, you cant get me to stop! I just want to keep going and lose the weight as quickly as possible.

Once you start pulling that belt in even more, you wont want to go back to where you were...you may even have to ditch the belt and get a new one :)

Yes, calling the shakes something more positive helps..haha...well, you did make us laugh.

Keep going and again well done you on the weight loss as you had it tough the first week!

Take care
You've only done LT for one week!!!!.......I promise you it does get easier after 2 weeks as then you don't even WANT to eat. This has been the fastest way I have EVER lost weight in the 38 years I have been dieting...binging...dieting etc. AND I'm keeping it off!!!!
Hi Ben. Your comment about the sachets reminds me of trying my first one (vanilla). That is exactly how I saw it. BUT then I got the correct info from others on this forum (put ice in and BLEND IT and add coffee if vanilla). Mc D milkshake !!! I am now 2.5 stones lighter.

Am guessing you tried this...and it remained filth ???