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didn't realise how hard this would be!

S: 22st5lb C: 20st11lb G: 12st5lb Loss: 1st8lb(7.03%)
I'm only on day 2 of Lipotrim and am finding it seriously hard work. When the surgeon told me about it and told me I was addicted to food, I thought yeah right. But I cannot stop thinking, dreaming and fantasising about actually eating things. Does this ease once ketoses hits?? Plus I'm finding the chicken soup absolutely disgusting, tried putting curry powder in it, more palatable but still repeating on me and making me gag. Any suggestions please help. Can I not just get more of the other 3 flavours. :(
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You can have whatever combination of the packs you like hun, you are paying for them after all. I dont use the soup, just the shakes and they're fine. Once ketosis kicks in then you generally dont feel hungry, doesnt stop the odd thought about food though. Just think about the healthy options for when you reach goal. That way when you reach it youll be prepared. Sorry for waffling just couldnt get out what i wanted to say:S
S: 22st5lb C: 20st11lb G: 12st5lb Loss: 1st8lb(7.03%)
Thanks for your reply. This is my first time on here need to lose weight for medical reasons and I just got given a 2 week supply off my doc with just enough of each flavour to get me through 2 weeks, so panicking a little at the fact that if i don't eat the chicken i'm either going to have to only have 2 shakes a day for 8 days or hold my nose but now the smell is making me feel sick.


Back on the diet train...
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hey hun welcome to the forum. ive not tried the soup as i cnt bring myself to make it. :p but i dnt get mine thru the GP so i can choose my own shakes, tho the only ones i have r choc an strab!! ;) cnt u go 2 the chemist an swap packs?

also if u av the shakes cold try usin a straw it makes em go down soo much easier!:p

once u hit ketosis hun in a few days u wnt feel as hungry tho u will still av the odd food thought, i even like watchin all the cookery programs an dnt get me started on come dine wiv me!!! :8855:

i think this diet is fab but it is hard hun. stick wiv it tho an u will see amazin results. ive lost 29lb in 5wks!! keep drinkin the water, av sum distractions ready an set urself sum mini goals to aim for.

best of luck hun!!!



Back to reality!
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Hi hun,
As everyone says it will get easier. I used to love chicken soup then one day I went off it! Take them back and you should be able to swap them. My pharmacist let me do that and I know some others that have. you can't have 2 a day otherwise you won't be getting all your vits etc that you need.
Good luck and let us know how you are getting on.
T x


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I know exactly how you feel. You got to be realistic, this stuff aint food, its medicine and some medicines taste worse then this.
As for the the soup it is truly vile - the worst of the lot.

I stick to the choc. shake - hate it but manage it. I shake it up in cold water, then add a spoon of strong coffee with hot water.

I think if you have that perspective and a strong will power to hang on hour after hour, you will pull through the first week bootcamp and then its flat road.

Good luck.
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Stick with it it definitely gets easier Im on day 11 now. I didnt try the soup because I had heard such bad reviews here beforehand I tried the vanilla but thought it was horrible so brought it back and swopped for others now I alternate between strawberry and choc. A really good tip is to make it in a smoothy maker with loads of ice you wouldnt think it would make much difference but I found them much much nicer and easier to drink that way


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making the popadomm from the soup really helped me but your body might be making you react to the taste and smell that way as you detox you'd be surprised how they grow on you after a few weeks.


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I dreamt about food for two months - drove me crazy because I'd wake up in a panic thinking that I'd eaten a roast dinner. The relief after was lovely though when realised was only a dream. Good luck.

The thinking of the shakes as 'fat medicine' worked a treat for me!!

Lisa x
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ha ha have you found though that when you dream about having a massive scoff of whichever food you do wake up and feel full??!!! its weird! xx

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