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  1. Shiv13

    Shiv13 Member

    Hey there,
    I've started diet chef today, before Christmas I followed a VLCD and lost nearly a stone in just over a month,
    I know that I generally respond well to diets, but I just have the worst willpower in the world. :(

    I don't have loads to lose and in some ways that's annoying, I'm 5'7" and weigh in around 12 st- 12 and a half depending on time of day/month etc. I wear a size 14, or a 16 depending where I shop, but because of the fact that I'm fairly tall, and because of where I carry my weight I often find it quite hard to diet as people tell me I don't need to, and so they are less supportive/helpful than they could be. My weight is all in my boobs, hips and mid riff. I've had big boobs since forever, I'm sure they count for a few stone and even when I've been at my lightest they've still been there.
    I have fluctuated so much over the past few years, until I was about 22/23 I couldn't go over 10 and a half stone even if I tried, then it started to pile on, cue a few relationships where food played a big part, followed by a bad bad breakup where too much alcohol and cheese played an even bigger part and I was pushing 14 stone.
    I've done well this year to get back under 13 stone, but it's still erratic and I have bad habits.
    I thought about LL or something as I clearly use food as a 'make me feel better' tool but I can't deal with just shakes and soups, I need to actually eat.
    So, in typical cliched New Year style (I'm not usually a New Year fan, but I'm making an exception this year) I have had a massive clearout, thrown out lots of rubbish and made space in my wardrobe, also I've rescued my cross trainer and gym ball from under all the rubbish and determined to see this through and get back to where i want.
    While following VLCD (Exante) I used these forums and found that they were brilliant for support, sounding off, distraction when hungry etc, so if anyone wants a buddy or something, let me know.

    Good luck to everyone else doing this too :)
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  3. Katierose

    Katierose Gold Member

    Hi x well done on your loss so far I too have tried VLCD s but got ill with shingles last August so have started diet chef today would love to have a support buddy :)
  4. topcat7000

    topcat7000 Full Member

    Hi there, I started Diet Chef almost exactly this time last year and lost 2.5 stone which was terrific. Then I don't know what happened! I took my eye off the ball and the weight crept back ... aarrghhh! I haven't put it all back on and I'm starting at almost a stone lighter than I was last year so that's something but I am determined this year not only to shed the weight but to KEEP IT OFF!! So I'm going to do Diet Chef again for most of the time with a view to getting into a particular dress that I want to wear at my brother's wedding in mid-April - so that's my target and I have to succeed (I do not want to feel uncomfortable in the photos!). I found it quite 'easy' last time ... once I'd started, I found that I was 'in the zone' and Diet Chef was quite easy to stick to. I do run 2-3 times a week typically and that helps too of course, although I was unwell last week so wasn't able to do anything so hope to get back into the running this coming weekend.

    This forum is definitely good to keep in touch, see how others are progressing, and give and get the necessary encouragement! I know it felt great to get into my small jeans so I want to do that again so here goes.....

  5. calligas67

    calligas67 New Member

    Hi there, i am due to start diet chef next week, just waiting for my box. i had a gastric band removed last year after losing 3 stone and my life. It eroded into my stomach. so i thought i would try diet chef, can i join in please,
  6. calligas67

    calligas67 New Member

    how long does it take for your 1st order to arrive x
  7. Katierose

    Katierose Gold Member

    Hi x

    Good luck with diet chef the delivery is very quick normally within 2 days off placing the order :)
  8. calligas67

    calligas67 New Member

    thanks kat, it arrived today, so ready to start tomoro, hope we all can do it together. Can i ask do add lots of veg with yours to fill up on, how did week 2 go for u. Hope u lost again, and good luck
  9. Katierose

    Katierose Gold Member

    Hi x

    I lost 2 pounds on my second week so 5 so far others have lost alot more but I'm happy if it continues at that . I ordered the 1200 hamper and I add veg and fruit to take it up to 1500 calories x gd luck on your start tomorrow

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