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Diet Coke


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As we are all serious about losing weight I thought you might be interested in reading this artical about Diet coke .


I was a complete DC addict consuming up to 3 litres a day since I was 16 (I am now 41) and always had a weight problem, a few months back I read a book called "from pig to twig" and they stated that diet coke actually prrevented you from losing weight efficiantly, (my own mother had told me this for years but you never listen to your mother do you!) they asked you to think of all the people you know who drink DC and try and find one that wasn't over weight or had weight issues, I tried this and true enough couldn't find a single one.
I have now all but given up drinking DC and drink mostly water, fizzy water and black tea, I do fall off the wagon and drink it with vodka, but hey thats not everyday..lol.
Anyway just thought if there were any DC drinkers out there, especially hardened ones like I was they would be interested in reading this artical.
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New Clare

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OMG! I'm NEVER drinking diet coke again! :eek:

Thanks for sharing this with us:)


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Oh my, I drink so much of the stuff. I had my first can this morning at 7.45am on my way to work. Just opened my 3rd can with my dinner!! oops!

I buy trays of it from Costco so because i was paying 70p a can from the shops but full trays work out at about 22p per can. Only problem with that is you always have it in, which is why i drink so much of it.

Had my first weighin last night too, 1 week on Zenical and i havent lost a thing. I do feel bloated tho and constipated! Think i should have a week off the pop to see if it really make a difference.


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S: 14st0lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 1st0lb(7.14%)
Hi Syanna,
I too was constipated and bloated, probably for the first 2 weeks but things seemed to have gone back to normal now so hang on in there.
I'm on week 3 now and clothes definately looser but no scales so I have to wait till I return to the Drs next week to get another prescription and get weighed, I really do sympathise with you about the DC , I used to go to bed with a glass like most people take a glass of water and drank copius cans whilst at work during the day, now I find it really sweet although its still nice occassionally with Vodka..ha ha


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OMG :eek:

I always used to drink lots of ice cold water but just lately switched to diet coke when we got a good deal on cans. I'm going back to my water.


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Oh dear - I was just reading that with my 4th glas of DC this afternoon ...... I want to give it up, just don't know if I can
Hey there *S*

I used to drink at least 2 large bottles of dc a day and then cans here and there also ... I stopped drinking it but, just a heads up .. if you stop drinking it straightaway you might get a week or so of violent headaches ... stomach ache too ... but if you do, don't worry ... stick with it cos it passes.

It just shows you how much it affects your body to give you withdrawal symptoms like that! You're much better off without it!
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wow!!! i drink loads of DC and yep get really bad heads if i dont have enough of it :( think im going to start getting fizzy water in instead
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I stopped drinking DC 2 years ago, and only drink water or green tea now ( and the odd skinny latte ;)). I've tried the odd sip of DC and I actually can' stomach it now.

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