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Diet Doctors Inside and Out...

I totally diagreed with the review that lady was giving. She failed to point out the fact that you are supposed to reefeed properly on the diet, and the fact that she kept cheating and was hungry was because she could not stick to it. Also the fact that she gained so much weight was due to her (probably) stuffing her face like mad after she was on the diet. It really did anger me!! xx
The only way to "pile the weight on again" (Gawd how I hate that expression!!) is to take in excessive numbers of calories i.e. stuff your face over and over again.

If you overeat you get fat and if you don't, you won't!!!!

So no matter how you lose weight - be it via a VLCD or WW or Atkins or Scarsdale - it will only go on again if we go back to stuffing. I know loads of people who have been doing WW for years and have lost stone upon stone only to put it on again - it becomes a way of life. The same goes for the Gilliam McKeith method and all the others.

In my view the VLCD is an excellent method of shifting weight quickly and safely but for some reason or other it is not flavour of the day with the 'experts'. But do we care? NO!!

'So don't worry, be happy..' - you are in control of your destiny!! :D

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